October 3, 2019

5 simple tips for wedding preparation

Your big day has arrived! The wedding preparation is finally over.

Or is it?

All those months of planning and preparation and, yet, in those few hours before you say,"I do!", things can still go awry.

Here are 5 simple tips that will keep things on track and make sure your ceremony goes smoothly and without a hitch - except for the 'hitch' you have been looking forward to that is!

Simple Tip #1

Brides!  The lead-up to your wedding will be hectic. A lot of people will be helping you get ready; make up artists, hairdressers, bridesmaids. The list goes on.  Make a real effort to take a little time to yourself before the ceremony begins. Empty the room. Relax. Settle your nerves. Take the opportunity to spend 5 minutes with someone you love and share this special moment together.

Simple Tip #2

Grooms! Your guests want to see you at your best and hear every word you say. What they don't want to hear is the nervous jingling of loose change or keys in your pockets. And sunglasses or bulging trouser pockets are never a good look on your wedding day - especially in the photos! Have the bridal party take off their sunglasses and empty their pockets. Place wallets, phones, cigarettes, loose change and keys in a basket or a bag for safe keeping until all the formalities are over. 

Simple Tip #3

Brides!  Regardless of the weather forecast, if your ceremony is being held outdoors be prepared for wind. Have your Matron of Honour stash a safety pin discretely on her dress. You'll have peace-of-mind knowing that if the wind does blow, you'll have something at hand to secure that fly-away veil! 

Simple Tip #4

Grooms!  As that old 60's song goes, "Lipstick on your collar will tell a tale on you!" Especially if, yours is red and your wife's is baby pink! Most makeup is oil based and you will find it very difficult to remove from your crisp, clean, collar. So, try to avoid those good-luck hugs and kisses from your female guests before the ceremony. 

Simple Tip #5

Brides!  Stiletto heels have their place ladies. That place is definitely not on a soft lawn or a sandy beach! If your ceremony is being held on grass, thick heels or wedges will prevent the embarrassment of a stiletto heels sticking in the lawn. For a beach wedding, maybe consider very simple shoes or even going barefoot instead.

When it comes to wedding preparation, the small stuff matters!

Someone once recommended that we, "Don't sweat the small stuff!" In my book, that doesn't apply to wedding preparation. When it comes to weddings, small things can make a BIG difference!

By following the 5 simple tips above you can be sure that you've covered all the bases in wedding preparation and confident that things will run like clockwork on the day.

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