November 16, 2016

a cuppa with | wedding photographer

I am very lucky! In my journey as a Celebrant, I get to meet a great many many talented people whose work compliments my own. In the coming months, I am going to showcase some of these wonderful people and the terrific work they produce in a series of short articles entitled (you guessed it!) “A Cuppa With…”

The first of my interviews is with a beautiful lady I met recently at a wedding in Kings Park. Please allow me to introduce...

anthea kirkman | wedding photographer

Anthea Kirkman | Photographer

Anthea Kirkman. Photographer.

I picked Anthea as my first interviewee because I really admire her work as a wedding photographer: her natural interpretation and the candidness of her images is something I just love!

So I chose to meet and interview Anthea in a cute and eclectic book café in South Perth .

This is a little haunt of mine that can quickly turn around the effects of a bad day into one of peace and tranquillity.

From the old naked floorboards to the collection of differing sized bookshelves in alternate styles standing proud along the walls, heavily laden with the latest novel or coffee table book.

A few antique tables groan with literature which always gives me great pleasure as I swiftly glance over the summary and decide which one I am going to take home with me, to keep me company for the next couple of weeks.

A few steps through to another room to the coffee counter shows off an adornment of fancy cakes...

...just begging you to believe in the wonders of sugar!

We choose to plonk ourselves down on the old couch with big plump cushions in the middle of the store; a couch I have come to refer to as a friend because its cushions always hug me right back as I wriggle and snuggle down to make myself comfortable!

As we wait for our coffee to be delivered Anthea and I instantly strike up a conversation about how lucky and blessed we are to be able to be part of a couple’s most special day... both of us realising that, to quote a cliché, it really is an honour to be part of such a wonderful occasion.

Anthea comes across as a very stylish, warm and open individual with a peacefulness about her that exudes confidence and self-worth.

We immediately felt comfortable in each other’s company, Anthea radiating and oozing charm as we happily shared each other’s most memorable wedding moments in a trade that is somewhat bursting at the seams with funny stories and idiosyncrasies.

Eventually, it is time to get down to business...

Who is Anthea Kirkman?

I was born in South Africa but have been living in Perth since the beginning of this year. I am a wife, a mother of two girls and a photographer.

I studied law and politics at uni for 7 years but realised that it was not the right path for me so I changed direction. When my second daughter was born 10 years ago I received my first digital camera and taught myself how to operate it with the help of some courses, both online and face to face.

I fell in love with photography and I believe that I have found my style which is natural, stylish and spontaneous.

Portrait of Bride bt the Sea| Anthea Kirkman Wedding Photographer
What is your favourite photography?

I do adore wedding photography. I love meeting couples and listening to their dreams, and what their expectations are of me, as a their photographer. It is such a privilege but also a responsibility to be part of a couple’s wedding day.

The photos I take of them will be looked back on forever. I also feel a bond and a very special connection, even a love for couples that I meet.I love family photography. I also do food photography as a hobby.

Family photography is something that I like to encourage. Time flies by so quickly and often people are waiting for that perfect time when they have lost weight, or the children’s teeth have grown in. They are so busy waiting for perfection that the moment passes by and before you know it the family have grown up. So, there is no time like the present. I feel that we should capture the moment as it is now!

Portrait of Siblings| Anthea Kirkman Wedding Photographer
Any advice to a Bride and Groom planning to hire a wedding photographer?

Look through their website and see their portfolio. This should give you a good idea of their general style and quality.

What makes you a good photographer?

I believe the fact that I am well rounded. I have done lots of courses for posing, wedding photography, family photography, lighting and technical courses. I specialise in natural light portraiture.

For a bit of fun I photographed food and was part of a cook book which was published in South Africa.

frozen berry heart desert| Anthea Kirkman Wedding Photographer
What is your dream for the future?

I love photographing small weddings and elopements and I hope that one day soon Australia will follow the rest of the world and legalise same sex marriage so that everybody will have the right to celebrate their love equally.

What do you do to relax?

I practice yoga every day. Yoga taught me patience and that you can do so much more than you ever thought you could. It changed me as a person. Yoga teaches patience, acceptance and grace. It makes you appreciate what you can do and admit that there are things that you might never be able to do, and that’s ok.

Portrait of Bride | Anthea Kirkman Wedding Photographer
Portrait of Bride & Groom | Anthea Kirkman Wedding Photographer

We finished our interview well after the bottom of our coffee cups had adorned dried little artistic creations, begging to be refilled, and while we were still brimming with untold stories. It was an absolute pleasure.

If you would like to meet Anthea Kirkman to discuss booking her as your wedding photographer, her contact details are as follows:

Anthea Kirkman

Tel: 0428 915 559

Email: [email protected]


All images courtesy of Anthea K Photography

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