June 15, 2016

how to write your perfect wedding vows | Joyce Mathers Celebrant
Writing your wedding vows can be a daunting but rewarding experience
writing wedding vows is hard | Joyce Mathers Celebrant

Writing Wedding Vows is not easy! Not everyone is blessed with the gift of putting words down on paper that express express exactly how they feel. It can be quite a daunting thought to actually have to write vows that are going to be read out in front of the people who are closest to you.

However; there is no greater gift you can give your loved one on your wedding day than to hold their hand, look them in the eye and tell them exactly what they mean to you, in words that are honest and true and come straight from your soul.

there is no greater gift you can give your loved one on your wedding day than words that are honest & true & come straight from your soul.

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Keep your Wedding Vows simple and concise

If the process is daunting you keep in mind that you're not trying to write an essay or a book! You are writing vows to each other and they need to be simple, honest and to the point.

I find it helps if couples take some time to consider about what they want to say to each other. These simple questions may make it a little easier to help you gather your thoughts, so grab a pen and notepad and write down your answers:

  1. What does that person mean to you?
  2. How does that person make you feel?
  3. What do you hope for the future?
  4. What are you prepared to promise?

Yes! These are simple questions.  But, in all honestly, they are all the questions you really need. 

Lets look at some possible sample answers:

  1. Jane means the world to me and I don’t think I could live without her and she is my soulmate.
  2. She makes me happy. She makes me smile.
  3. I hope that we are going to grow old together and have a wonderful life of holidaying and having adventures and fun
  4. That I am going to love her forever, look after her, and be kind and faithful to her, and I am going to try to never let her down.

These are equally simple answers but they are heartfelt and true and they can be easily combined to create simply beautiful Wedding Vows. For example:

exchanging wedding vows | Joyce Mathers Celebrant

I, John Smith, declare that you, Jane Brown, mean the world to me.

You are my soulmate and the love of my life.

You make me happy and you make me smile.

I do not want to live without you.

I want to grow old with youI want to travel and have adventures with you.

I promise that I will love and honour you and I promise to be kind and thoughtful.

I will endeavour to always be there for you and try to never let you down.

Jane, I will love you forever.

If you would like to add a bit of humour, think of something that you could tease each other about. Something like...

I promise to allow you every Sunday on the couch with the remote control during footy season.


I promise to always let you have the last word as long as its “Sorry!”

When it comes to writing wedding vows, be true - whatever you do!

Whatever you chose to write it must be the truth. Vows are best kept simple and to the point but they must be honest and speak of you as a couple and be promises that you wish to keep.

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I work with couples almost every day helping them write vows that express exactly what is in their hearts. But, if you find that writing your own wedding vows is a bit too much of a struggle and it's just not for you, then my very affordable Vow Writing Service might be just what you need.

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