August 8, 2017

I met Pomare and Melanie through Pomare’s aunt who had hired my band to play at a function at the Nedlands Rugby Club. I was delighted to hear from her and we secured the date for her nephew. Pomare was born in New Zealand with Maori heritage and Melanie was born in Australia.

When I first met Melanie and Pomare and we prepared the legal paperwork I was a little worried in case I couldn’t pronounce Pomare’s name properly on their wedding day so I asked him to say his name while I recorded it on my iphone. I played it over and over until I finally got it down pat! One of my biggest phobias is getting someone’s name wrong and with so many different nationalities I deal with I have to be totally on my game.

They were such a lovely couple, quite quiet but they knew exactly what they wanted in terms of a ceremony. We went through all the options open to them, but they wanted everything to be simple. So that’s exactly how I arranged it. There are so many different things you can do in a wedding ceremony but ultimately the ceremony has to ring true to the Bride and Groom.

Pomare and his groomsmen waited patiently for the bride to arrive. He was very handsome in a beautiful suit but more than a little nervous. When he saw his bride he was choked up with emotion. The love that he felt at that moment was intense and beautiful. Melanie was a stunning bride dressed in a beautiful traditional style white wedding dress, and their children were part of the bridal party and absolutely adorable in their little wedding attire.

The ceremony was simple but it captured the two of them beautifully – everything that they needed was included, they said their vows to each other from the heart, exchanged their wedding rings, and at a beautiful riverside location overlooking the Swan River they were pronounced husband and wife.

I was secretly hoping that they would organise the traditional Maori “Haka” dance at the wedding ceremony but that was kept for the wedding reception……

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