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Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A Baby Naming Ceremony is a uniquely personal opportunity for you, your family and your friends to come together to celebrate the arrival of the precious new life that has come into your family; be it newly-born, adopted or a step-child.

A Welcoming, or Naming Day, Ceremony is a beautiful centrepiece for a family celebration that can be conducted at any time but it is commonly held within the 1st year of your child's life -  very often in conjunction with the child's first birthday celebrations. A naming ceremony can also be held in conjunction with a wedding ceremony, a commitment ceremony, or a reaffirmation of vows.

Your Naming Ceremony can be organised  in any  number of ways. It can be a fun-filled and interactive occasion with you and your guests releasing balloons, placing notes in a wishing well, lighting a decorated naming candle or showering you baby with rose petals. Or it can be a calm and spiritual affair with traditional poems or readings and perhaps some music in the background. The choices are endless.

However you choose to celebrate the arrival of your new child, I promise you a ceremony that:

  • is totally unique and individual to you,
  • is authentic to your beliefs and family values,
  • fully reflects the love you have for your child, and
  • is a source of surprise and delight for you and your guests.

With me as your celebrant you can be assured of a uniquely personal ceremony to celebrate and embrace the precious new life that has come into your family and welcome it to the world.

If you are looking for an entertaining and engaging Civil Celebrant to create a magical, meaningful and memorable Naming Ceremony for you then, perhaps, we should chat …

What My Clients Have To Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.


Joyce Made Our Day Truly Memorable

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joyce as a marriage celebrant.

She helped us make our day truly memorable. It was a beautiful and intimate service made all the more special through Joyce's attention to detail.

Jacqui Nielsen

We knew you were the one!

We didn't really have any concerns before choosing you as our marriage celebrant: you had made me cry when we met you at a wedding event, so we knew you were the one!

We loved the questionnaire that we filled out to give you an idea about us and our relationship.

We really appreciated that you brought the humour and lightheartedness to our ceremony that we were looking for and that you made us feel so at ease.

Thanks for keeping those boys under control; they can be a bit rowdy! 🙂

Renita Humphries

Joyce is so friendly and helpful

One of our main concerns was finding a marriage celebrant who would perform the ceremony exactly how we wanted it.

Joyce provided us with clear and concise information about what was required for a wedding ceremony. Her wedding ceremony guide was very useful.

The one thing I liked the most was how easy Joyce was to talk to. Joyce is so friendly and helpful - you could tell she loves her job.

It was so helpful being able to look through sample wedding ceremonies, poems and music as was Joyce being able to organise a piper and a list of tunes for us to choose from.

We loved the fact that we were able to incorporate the hand-fasting and quaich rituals into our ceremony. We found Joyce's guide was a great help in writing our vows . I especially liked the fact that Joyce wrote up the ceremony with our vows and sent it to us for approval and we could make any adjustments we wanted.

All-in-all, Joyce made the whole process so easy for us. We will definitely be recommending her!

Kirsty Boyce

Joyce was such a joy to work with!

We had no concerns about engaging Joyce as our marriage celebrant. We had seen her numerous positive reviews on Google and we decided to go with her.

Joyce was such a joy to work with! She was very friendly and more than happy to oblige all of our requests.

We loved how Joyce following up with us to ensure we did not miss out anything when we were putting in the paperwork to register for our marriage. Her attention to detail was fantastic.

When Joyce told the little story on how we met, she absolutely nailed what happened and her delivery was filled with warmth and humour. We loved it and I think the attendees loved it too!

Would we be happy to recommend Joyce to family and friends? Definitely. No questions asked!

Thank you so much once again for everything, Joyce!

Ki Jin Wong

Joyce Understood Our Needs Perfectly!

Thank you Joyce for a beautiful ceremony.

Our day was made all the more memorable by your warm and welcoming personality.

Our family asked if you were a personal friend. You understood our needs perfectly.

Pauline Dunning

Just exactly what we wanted.

A huge thank you to you Joyce for making our day so special and for including our dogs too!

You were absolutely wonderful and I'd recommend you to anyone who needed your service. It was friendly and full of fun and laughter without being too serious. Just exactly what we wanted.

Tamara Gries

Everything we hoped it would be.

Our biggest concern was finding a celebrant who would be comfortable performing a same-sex marriage.

We needn't have been concerned. Joyce immediately made us feel welcome and put us at ease quickly.

Joyce gave us a ceremony with a relaxed atmosphere and with appropriate humour.

We loved the inclusion of the handfasting ritual and candle lighting ceremony for our absent family & friends

We would be very happy to recommend Joyce. She is such a genuine person.

Thank you for making our ceremony everything we hoped it would be.

Elizabeth Pearce

Thanks for making it so special!

We wanted someone easy to talk to and reliable. Also with a funky edge to engage our guests.

Joyce is the best. She has so much experience and knowledge At every stage she really helped make it so much easier and stress free.

What we really liked was Joyce having examples when planning and her being able to help with rehearsal and having music for the ceremony 🙂

Also loved her being able to direct guests and seating arrangements on the day and making people feel comfortable.

We are so happy with how everything was. We would not have wanted our wedding to be without you. Thanks for making it so special!

Alicia Lovelace

We were so happy to have Joyce as our celebrant

We were so happy to have Joyce as our celebrant for our New Years Eve wedding!

From the very first moment we met her, we knew Joyce was going to be the perfect celebrate for our wedding 🙂 She was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with through out the whole wedding planning process.

Thank you so much, Lee and myself would highly recommend Joyce to everyone!

Adam North

The first celebrant I had chosen cancelled on me so I was looking for someone more reliable and you had good reviews so I took a chance and it paid off. 🙂

Everything was EASY and LAID BACK and done in a timely manner

We appreciated the rehearsal - so we knew what to expect and when to say our parts.

I would definitely recommend you, Joyce - you were very easy to work with and answered all my questions as if I was your only bride 🙂

Everything was truly great. Thank you

Abbi Saunders

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