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Your Love 

Renewing your wedding vows can be a meaningful and moving ceremony for you, your family and your friends, as you join hands and hearts and re-affirm the magnitude and strength of your enduring love.

Couples often choose to renew their marriage vows in conjunction with significant anniversaries: some that have been married as for little as 5 years, others that have been together for as long as 50 years or more and anywhere in between.

Some couples choose to renew their vows because they want to reaffirm their tremendous love for each other, others simply want to make things new again after experiencing a particularly difficult time in their lives.

vow renewal ceremony

Whatever the reason for reaffirming your wedding vows, I guarantee you a ceremony that:

  • totally reflects the vision you have for your special day,
  • is authentic, unique and individual to you,
  • is a source of surprise and delight for your guests, and
  • will cause a few tears, of laughter and of love, to be shed. 

With me as your celebrant you can be confident that you will renew your vows in a unique and truly personal ceremony crafted to reflect your heartfelt love for each other and declare, loudly and proudly, to the world, "We still do!"

If you're looking for an entertaining and engaging Civil Celebrant to create and conduct a magical, meaningful and memorable Vow Renewal Ceremony for you then, perhaps, we should chat…

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They Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.

Hannah Campbell

29th May, 2020

"You gave us the perfect balance between personable / professional. Thank you Joyce, you were fab!"

Lucy Lyons

5th Jun, 2020

"Our ceremony was personal, funny, and caring. Thank you Joyce, you made our day so special!"

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