August 8, 2017

Sunyong is a beautiful young Korean lady who was rather nervous when she first came to me along with her partner Jack. Their coming to me made me realise that the decision to become a Celebrant was the right one.

They were the most adorable couple. Jack was very obviously smitten with his bride-to-be and was eager to please her. Sunyong was a little shy but she radiated happiness.  As shy as she was, she was keen to tell me about everything she was looking for in her perfect marriage.

We clicked immediately, the shyness left her, and we got on famously – and it seems that she was very taken with, in her words my “fancy accent!”

Sunyong and Jack decided on a small intimate wedding at my home in Shelley.  We dressed up the veranda with flowers to set the scene. Accompanied by some romantic wedding music, Sunyong made her entrance down the path of our home towards the love of her life.

We were lucky that it was a beautiful winter’s day in August and we were able to have the wedding outside. Sunyong’s dress was simple but stunning, and Jack brushed up pretty well in a formal suit.

Their ceremony may have been simple, but it included everything they wanted; beautiful readings, the exchanging of rings and I made the legal vows as simple as I could to help Sunyong repeat them with ease. We included the story of how they met, which gave the family a bit of a giggle, and also what they were dreaming of in the future.

The ceremony was heartfelt and sincere, to the point that Jack was in tears! The warmth of their love was very evident and I felt very honoured to be their Celebrant.

Jack is Indonesian but has lived in Australia for 30 years, so he brought along his family with him to bear witness to their special day. It was lovely, intimate family affair.

After the ceremony the whole bridal party, with a professional photographer, walked a short distance to the end of the road, to the riverside, to capture some of the radiance.

It was definitely their perfect day and I was so fortunate to share it with them.

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Joyce is one of Perth's most highly rated and best loved Celebrants. She is widely regarded, by both peers and clients alike, as a caring and compassionate person, and a consummate professional. Her philosophy is simple, "Deliver a magical, meaningful, and memorable experience for my clients and their guests. Always!"

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