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Vow Writing Service

Wedding Vows : Unique, Personal and 100% You!

There is no greater gift you can give your loved one on your wedding day than to hold their hand, look them in the eye and tell them exactly what they mean to you, in words that are honest and true and come straight from your soul.

But not everyone is blessed with the gift of being able to down on paper, words that express express exactly how they feel. All too often, love becomes the cat that's got your tongue... making it impossible for you to express even the simplest of sentiments. 

Let me help you write the most important words you will ever say

If you are struggling to find the right words for your big day I can help. I have a special talent for extracting your thoughts, your feelings and the love that is in your heart and putting them down on paper.

I'll work with you to draw out your thoughts and feelings then translate them into for you into a unique, personal and heartfelt set of vows, that you can deliver with confidence and pride.

How My Vow Writing Service Works

I will write your wedding vows following a simple six-step process:

  1. Chat: We’ll have a chat about the kind of vows you’re looking for
  2. Quote: I’ll quote you a fixed price cost. (please note that payment is required up front)
  3. Question: I’ll send through a brief questionnaire for you (and your partner if you’re doing it together) to complete.
  4. Compose: Based on our chat and your answers to the questionnaire, I’ll write the first draft and send it to you for review
  5. Review: Your chance to read through the draft and make any major changes, additions and suggestions.

    We will repeat steps 4 and 5 as often as required until you’re 100% happy with your vows.

  6. Deliver: When you’re completely happy, I’ll send you your final copy and you can get on with the serious business of rehearsing!
 there is no greater gift you can give your loved one on your wedding day than words that are honest and true and come straight from your soul.

Joyce Mathers

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I work with couples almost every day helping them write vows that express exactly what is in their hearts. If you are struggling to find the right words and you need help crafting a personal statement of your love and commitment for your big day - we should chat

What My Clients Have To Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.


Joyce Made Us Feel Super Special!

My wife and I couldn't be happier with having Joyce as our marriage celebrant.

She was professional, friendly and made the marriage process a breeze. We had a very small and intimate wedding, and Joyce was able to still contribute with ideas which we incorporated into our ceremony. Even though it was small, she made us feel super special about our "big" day.

A massive thank you to her for her ongoing support, contribution and kindness. We would highly recommend anyone to Joyce in the future.

Brett Nielsen

Joyce was such a joy to work with!

We had no concerns about engaging Joyce as our marriage celebrant. We had seen her numerous positive reviews on Google and we decided to go with her.

Joyce was such a joy to work with! She was very friendly and more than happy to oblige all of our requests.

We loved how Joyce following up with us to ensure we did not miss out anything when we were putting in the paperwork to register for our marriage. Her attention to detail was fantastic.

When Joyce told the little story on how we met, she absolutely nailed what happened and her delivery was filled with warmth and humour. We loved it and I think the attendees loved it too!

Would we be happy to recommend Joyce to family and friends? Definitely. No questions asked!

Thank you so much once again for everything, Joyce!

Ki Jin Wong

Joyce is an Absolute Gem!

Joyce did an absolutely amazing job as the marriage celebrant at our wedding in Perth. Our main concern about hiring a civil celebrant was that our wishes for a quick, easy, family orientated wedding that involved our children would be dismissed. But we found Joyce to be an absolute delight and so easy to work with. From the first contact nothing was a hassle. She was amazing with everything and covered every aspect of our wedding. She is very friendly and down to earth and was able to cater to all our needs.

We can't thank you enough Joyce. You’re so friendly and happy, so reasonably priced and so easy to work with. You’re just an absolute delight! We definitely will be happy to recommend your service. Thank you for everything. You are a star!!!!!!

Jacinta Chappel

Joyce Was Amazing To Work With!

Joyce was so amazing to work with! From the initial consultation to the day of the wedding it was executed with such professionalism making the occasion both personal and stress free.

Highly recommend!

Christina Dickson

Everything we hoped it would be.

Our biggest concern was finding a celebrant who would be comfortable performing a same-sex marriage.

We needn't have been concerned. Joyce immediately made us feel welcome and put us at ease quickly.

Joyce gave us a ceremony with a relaxed atmosphere and with appropriate humour.

We loved the inclusion of the handfasting ritual and candle lighting ceremony for our absent family & friends

We would be very happy to recommend Joyce. She is such a genuine person.

Thank you for making our ceremony everything we hoped it would be.

Elizabeth Pearce

We had so many complements about Joyce

We just wanted to say thanks so much for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us.

We couldn’t be happier with how everything played out.

You created a calm atmosphere and we had so many complements about you following the ceremony from many of our guests.

Thanks again Joyce, we’ll definitely be recommending you to others.

Lou Crocker

Friendly, lovely and very helpful

My partner and myself had no idea how it works with signing our legal marriage paper and procedures as we both are first time getting married.

Joyce had been very friendly, lovely and very helpful. We had no worries because she was looking after us pretty much the whole time when we needed her.

First and the main thing that we like Joyce is because she is very friendly that we didn't feel any awkwardness when we first met her. She is a warm hearted person we ever met. (-:

We also liked that she provided her own beautiful home for our special day plus she gave us a helpful guide to being a marriage couple.

Joyce. Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend you if any one around me needs a service and I will post on Korean community website too.

Thank you once again.

Hyun hee jeong

We very much recommend Joyce

We wanted to find the right person that matched the vibe we wanted as a couple for our event.

We found Joyce was easy to work with, pleasant and understanding of our special circumstances.

We loved the laughter and relax feeling Joyce gave to our guests.

If you are looking for a relaxed event with a personnel touch then we very much recommend Joyce.

Gareth Nichols

She made our day absolutely stunning!

Absolute pleasure having Joyce as our wedding celebrant. She is so kind and loving. She made our day absolutely stunning!

Claire Mosel

We Found Exactly What We Wanted

Before choosing Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was being able to find a celebrant we both could relate to and enjoy.

In choosing Joyce we found exactly what we wanted!!

We specifically liked the way Joyce managed any 'boo boos' thru the service as if that was what was meant to happen ha ha!

We also liked how Joyce explained everything that needed to be done and kept us informed. She is very professional - in a nice way. The use of her little "loud box" for our music, her ability to have a laugh and a really big amount of patience were all appreciated too.

We surely will recommend your services Joyce. You made the day go very smoothly and happily. Thank you.

Keep on doing what you love, because you are very good at it!!

Ann and Nev Hurring

A Beautiful Memory in My Heart Forever

First of all, I have to say if you choose Joyce as your marriage celebrant, you never gonna regret. You will have totally beautiful wedding same as you wish. I recommend her highly. This is real my review

From first meeting with Joyce everything has been through smoothly. Actually we had a "budget and small wedding", but it was not problem at all. We married in Joyce's house in Perth with beautiful river view. It was much better than any other venue seriously!

From first meeting, she gave us many tips for making perfect wedding with a budget like as violinist, music, cake and decorating. Nothing was problem. Joyce was just magician, she convert our small wedding to most romantic wedding. Such a beautiful wedding memory I will put in my heart forever

Joyce, I need to say thank you. I don't know what to say, but is something more than just one word from my heart. xoxo

Ivy Amnartsamrit

Thanks for being our celebrant!

I hadn't done too much research into how to select the best celebrant so didn't really know what I was looking for. Joyce was the nicest sounding celebrant I spoke to that day.

We found you attentive and did acknowledge that you had a big family event this year so were unable to talk for a couple of months. We found you pleasant to deal with but did have that little hiccup about my birth certificate. I know we all tried to stay calm but it did stress me out a bit. I was also a bit worried when you forgot my Mum's name at the rehearsal.

We really liked your sense of humour in the ceremony.

We also liked your manual with the layout of the ceremony and your warmth during the ceremony.

All my friends live on the east coast, no one to recommend!

Thanks for being our celebrant.

Madeline Ruiz-Avila

I would certainly recommend Joyce

From the first contact, Joyce was warm and professional.

Joyce explained everything to us plainly, she offered flexibility, was helpful in preparing our vows and was easy to talk to.

For all the above reasons, I would certainly recommend Joyce.

Michelle Rowell - Van Maanen

Joyce made sure we had an amazing day

We were concerned we might not find a celebrant able to provide a unique wedding ceremony but Joyce made sure we had an amazing day.

Everything was perfect on our day due to the little details that Joyce put into our Scottish ceremony.

Joyce was very professional, flexible and easy to get in touch with. I would recommend Joyce's services due to the results of our wedding day and how perfect it went

Thank you, Joyce, for your services. We had an amazing day and we loved the ceremony you made for us.


Thankyou Joyce for Everything. It Has Been a Wonderful Day.

The connection we feel between the celebrant and us was a big concern of ours.

We found Joyce is very productive, she knows what she is doing, is straight to the point and funny while still being serious.

We love how Joyce takes care most of the paper work and made sure there was not much hassle for us to worry about. .

We also appreciated that Joyce is very efficient and nice to work with - she was very quick to reply back in emails.

Thank you Joyce for everything. It has been a wonderful day.

Joanne Chia

We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant.

We wanted to ensure we hired a professional, experienced celebrant who represented value for money.

We found Joyce to be a friendly, helpful and professional celebrant who helped our ceremony run smoothly.

We really liked that we could contact Joyce via email rather than having to phone you or book in a meeting.

Her calm, confident manner during the ceremony was reassuring and the fact Joyce provided her own mic and speaker meant there was one less thing we needed to organise.

We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant. We were 100% satisfied with your service and we have had nothing but excellent feedback from our wedding guests on the way you conducted the ceremony.

We were happy to have you as part of our big day.

Many thanks again, Joyce!

David and Crystal Patullo

Joyce was fantastic!

We wanted someone that we were both comfortable with. After seeing Joyce perform a friend's ceremony, she remained in our minds for when it was our time to chose a marriage celebrant to perform ours.

Having about 130 guests at our wedding, we also needed someone who could organise the guests and provide instructions while keeping people engaged. Joyce was able to do all of this and more.

Joyce was fantastic at helping us create our ceremony. We had no idea where to start, with all of her handy examples, hints and tips we were able to create a ceremony that really suited us and our story

Something very small but also pretty important, Joyce's dress on the day was a perfect match for the feel and dress code of our ceremony, she was very well presented. Joyce really made it feel like it was just the 3 of us up there, she was calm and spoke very clearly thought the whole ceremony.

We would absolutely recommend Joyce to anyone. We had so many compliments after the wedding on how good she was.

Keep doing what you are doing Joyce!

Kate Clark

Joyce is amazing!

We wanted a marriage celebrant that was laid back, relaxed, and not too formal. Someone with a sense of humour.

Joyce is an amazing lady who went above and beyond to met our request.

Joyce was so heartfelt she listened to what we wanted and did everything perfectly.

She sat down and chatted with us got to know us before writing our service

I would recommend Joyce she is an amazing lady who strives to make her clients happy! She gets to know her clients and puts it into an amazing service

Thanks again joyce x

Jodie Alvey

A Lovely, Kind and Generous Celebrant

Before we chose Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was in finding someone who would understand us.

After choosing Joyce we found that we could have the ceremony tailored exactly to what we wanted.

We really liked her openness to give us what we'd always wanted.

Joyce is a lovely, kind and generous celebrant. We will be absolutely happy to recommend her.

Sara Gnasso

Joyce Made Our Day Truly Memorable

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joyce as a marriage celebrant.

She helped us make our day truly memorable. It was a beautiful and intimate service made all the more special through Joyce's attention to detail.

Jacqui Nielsen

Joyce did the most amazing job

Joyce did the most amazing job at our wedding, we can't thank her enough.

From the very first meeting we just felt so comfortable and assured that we had made a great decision in choosing Joyce as our marriage celebrant. Her professionalism shone from the first meeting, right through to our special day. Joyce has a very kind nature, she listened to all our wants and was very patient and gave us great ideas for the day as well. She was very motivated and organised right down to every little detail. Though the weather wasn’t the greatest, we received several comments from our guests of how brilliant our celebrant was.

We would definitely recommend Joyce as a marrriage celebrant to our friends looking to get married here in Perth in the future. Thank you so much Joyce

Richard Tith

Joyce was absolutely amazing from the word go.

It is so hard to choose a celebrant that works for you as a couple butJoyce was absolutely amazing from the word go.

She discussed what we thought we wanted and then made it ours and made it magical.

Joyce was so relaxed and calm and joyful; she made us feel the same. This had a huge impact in the lead up to our ceremony and in putting the final touches together.

Joyce's communication and flexibility were brilliant and she was full of great ideas and that were special to us.

If I were to ever recommend anyone it would only be Joyce!

Sabrina Doherty

We couldn't have been happier.

We had no concerns before choosing Joyce.

Joyce was so calming and gentle throughout our emotional ceremony. We couldn't have been happier.

We really liked her being in contact and her great communication throughout entire 12 months of planning.

Loved her assisting with the vow-writing and helping to create our story with our initial meeting.

We have been and would recommend to any future bride and groom.

Thank you so much for being part of our special day and adding your touch of humour to our ceremony.


Your Words Were So Perfect They Made Me Cry!

We were really concerned about having an over-the-top celebrant and not getting our vision for the wedding.

But, Joyce knew exactly what we were after. It's like she read our minds!

Joyce was very prepared and very helpful, specifically during the rehearsal as we had no idea what either of us were doing.

Joyce was very calming - weddings are very stressful and having a calming and relaxed celebrant is quite important.

Joyce is not pushy or rushing, she lets everything and everyone flow at their own pace which created an ambience I think everyone appreciated.

Our ceremony went perfectly! Tears were shed, happiness was spread and it's all because of Joyce!

Thank you so much Joyce, for being the celebrant for our amazing wedding!! We loved it so much! Your words were so perfect they made me cry!

I really really appreciate everything you have done for us! Both Jarred and I agree that it wouldn't have been as perfect as it was without you.

Are we happy to recommend Joyce? Of course we are!

Emily Coventry

Joyce Did a Wonderful Job as Our Marriage Celebrant!

Joyce was our marriage celebrant for our recent wedding ceremony. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with every step of the way.

She was a wealth of knowledge, helped us find a ceremony ritual that we loved, and helped tailor a ceremony that was short and sweet - exactly what we were hoping for. We had many of our wedding guests approach us on the day and comment on what a wonderful job she did.

We would unreservedly recommend Joyce to anyone in Perth seeking a marriage celebrant who is warm, friendly and professional.

Katie Van Kampen

Joyce You Are An Absolute Gem!

Joyce you are an absolute gem! You went above and beyond your duties as a marriage celebrant to make our special day perfect.

We will be recommending you to everyone!

Nadia Haynes

The first celebrant I had chosen cancelled on me so I was looking for someone more reliable and you had good reviews so I took a chance and it paid off. 🙂

Everything was EASY and LAID BACK and done in a timely manner

We appreciated the rehearsal - so we knew what to expect and when to say our parts.

I would definitely recommend you, Joyce - you were very easy to work with and answered all my questions as if I was your only bride 🙂

Everything was truly great. Thank you

Abbi Saunders

She made us feel at ease

I really had no idea what to expect from a celebrant or what we had to do, but Joyce explained the process very clearly to us and set out steps for us to think about.

As well as helping explain the steps we needed to do, Joyce submitted our forms for us which was great.

Her smile is the best and she made us feel at ease!

Thank you again for all your help leading up to the wedding, Joyce. It was such a special day and all our guests raved about how great our celebrant was 🙂

I will definitely be recommending you, Joyce... you are so great!

Edlyn Ng

Joyce was amazing

We wanted someone who we felt comfortable with and Joyce made us feel very comfortable.

We found Joyce amazing, welcoming, and knowledgeable about what was required for us to marry.

She was very professional. Before the wedding Joyce made sure we had everything organised & after the wedding she had everything arranged for all the legal documentation to be done.

I would definitely recommend Joyce as a Wedding Celebrant. Joyce is wonderfully caring & everyone at the wedding said she did an amazing job. Thanks so much for the smooth transition.


Joyce Exceeded All of Our Expectations as Our Marriage Celebrant.

Our main concern was that we wanted a friendly and personal experience for our intimate ceremony. We needn't have worried because you exceeded all of our expectations as our marriage celebrant.

What we specifically liked most was your personal and friendly nature, and your ongoing support throughout the process. We really appreciated the ease of the paperwork, and that you went over and above in sending in the name change forms etc for us.

We also liked how personalised your service was - you even allowed us into your home to meet your husband!

We think you are a beautiful lady and would feel honoured recommending your service to any of our friends and family in Perth in need of a civil celebrant.

Celia Nielsen

Highly Recommended!

Not having any personal experience or recommendations from others was a concern for us.

But we were put at ease when we found you to be open, friendly, charming, available, funny, laid back and very professional.

We appreciated you being able to see exactly how we wanted our ceremony to go and offered support and encouragement as well as ideas to improve/enhance our experience.

Being Scottish, I loved the fact that you yourself are Scottish and could incorporate some Scottish tradition into our Aussie wedding.

We also appreciated the relaxed meetings and rehearsals as well as the fact that you were contactable at any time.

I would highly recommend your service to anyone getting married.

Chris & Kirsteen Ross

You Provided Us With 6-Star Service!

Thank you Joyce for making our day extra special.

Your ceremony on the day was outstanding and everyone commented afterwards and said how good it was!

Thanks for all the ideas and steering Paula and myself in the right direction. You provided us with 6-star service!

Would I recommend Joyce as a marriage celebrant? Most definitely!

Roger Vermoter

We were so happy to have Joyce as our celebrant

We were so happy to have Joyce as our celebrant for our New Years Eve wedding!

From the very first moment we met her, we knew Joyce was going to be the perfect celebrate for our wedding 🙂 She was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with through out the whole wedding planning process.

Thank you so much, Lee and myself would highly recommend Joyce to everyone!

Adam North

Loved the personalised service!

Before choosing as our celebrant, our concerns were, I guess, whether the ceremony would go smoothly, be carried out the way we would like it (we wanted a simple but personal ceremony) and if our preferences would be understood.

But, we knew as soon as we met Joyce that we would be able to develop a good rapport, that she would listen to our needs and put a lot of effort into creating a really personal and enjoyable ceremony.

Working with Joyce was enjoyable throughout the whole process. I liked Joyce's warmth and friendliness and the fact she made a number of really good suggestions for our ceremony as we were a bit clueless!

I loved the personalised service, the pre-ceremony visit to our home and that we enjoyed a laid back, stress-free, event!

I would definitely recommend Joyce as a celebrant for a wedding. She was confident, commanding and funny; just what we wanted. She really made us feel as calm as possible about the ceremony.

It was a pleasure working with Joyce.

Jenny Kim

Very happy we found Joyce!

It was important for us to find a celebrant who was going to fit the style of the ceremony we had in mind.

So we were very happy we found Joyce!

Her communication was excellent. She listened to everything we suggested and did multiple edits of the ceremony beforehand.

Joyce was flexible with all our needs, kept a chilled vibe throughout and interacted well with the guests. As a result, our ceremony went really well.

I would certainly recommend Joyce!

Thanks Joyce, for being a part of our unique ceremony.

Kelsey Singleton

Joyce made the ceremony ours!

We were hoping to find someone who understood how casual we wanted our ceremony to be.

Joyce was happy to make the ceremony ours whilst ensuring all the legalities were followed.

She was friendly, super helpful and provided us with everything we wanted.

Amy Coop

Joyce created the perfect mood and atmosphere.

Our main concern before choosing our celebrant was making sure that their style would fit our own. We were looking with someone who would be able to bring a sense of humour but also keep it romantic.

Choosing the right celebrant can really make or break your day, so we are so glad we found Joyce.

Our ceremony was very personalised and well written - Joyce created the perfect mood and atmosphere.

We also loved her attention to detail and how helpful Joyce was in the run up to the wedding.

We would absolutely recommend Joyce.

Gemma Dorman

Thanks for making it so special!

We wanted someone easy to talk to and reliable. Also with a funky edge to engage our guests.

Joyce is the best. She has so much experience and knowledge At every stage she really helped make it so much easier and stress free.

What we really liked was Joyce having examples when planning and her being able to help with rehearsal and having music for the ceremony 🙂

Also loved her being able to direct guests and seating arrangements on the day and making people feel comfortable.

We are so happy with how everything was. We would not have wanted our wedding to be without you. Thanks for making it so special!

Alicia Lovelace

Joyce made our service individual to us & special to our guests

We were concerned about finding a marriage celebrant that we would connect with and would make our day special and individual to us.

We met Joyce we were completely relaxed in her company. Joyce is an amazing person and we knew straight away that we had picked the correct celebrant for us.

The service Joyce provided was individual to us. She worked on our service and helped us facilitate the extras that we wanted to be part of our wedding day and gave us the appropriate advice on how to make the ceremony flow

We loved Joyce’s relaxed & welcoming personality as it made us feel relaxed and that was evident on our day: neither of us had nerves or any worries - Joyce dispersed them. Joyce wrote an amazing service for us, neither of us are religious and are very down to earth and she made the ceremony that way.

We would be more than happy to recommend Joyce to anyone. She made our service individual to us and special to our guests. We had the most amazing feedback from our guest at how amazing our ceremony was and that it was individual to us and out different cultures that we brought together.

Joyce, you were an amazing celebrant and you made our wedding ceremony. We have had only positive feedback regarding it. We cannot thank you enough.

Alex & Gail Espey

Joyce is friendly, helpful and extremely professional

Our biggest worry was availability because we had a scheduled date for our wedding in a short space of time.

We found Joyce to be very friendly, helpful and she had great ideas for our wedding. She was extremely professional in both her work and her presentation and she was always available whenever we need help and advice

We both are very happy and loved our marriage ceremony very very much.

If you are looking for a professional, friendly and hard working marriage celebrant I would certainly recommend Joyce.

Rebecca Jones

Joyce, you made our day so special

Joyce, you are the upmost professional. You are fantastic at your job and we're so glad we picked you.

Our ceremony was personal, funny, and caring- everyone there noted how great it was.

You sorted out the piper for us which was a great help, and the rehearsal - as much as Kyle was against it - made everything much easier on the day.

You were fantastic and made our wedding day and ceremony what it was - we would not have wanted anyone else.

Joyce, you made our day so special and we were so glad to have you apart of it.

Thank you again

Love Kyle & Lucy

Kyle & Lucy Lyons

Such a lovely lady who made our day so special.

When we met, Joyce came across as such a lovely, nice, caring lady with a smile that drew me in; so I had no concerns about hiring her as our wedding celebrant.

It was so nice that we could meet Joyce at her house to discuss the whole process and that we could call her at any time.

From the first time we met, Joyce always made us feel like our day was going to go well. And it did!

I will certainly recommend Joyce. She is just such a lovely lady who made our day so special.

Thank you very much for all you did.

Tamerine Landaverde

Joyce was fantastic!

Joyce was fantastic! We started off just wanting a straightforward wedding but she just very calmly and professionally suggested a few things to personalise a ceremony for us and we are so happy she did. Amazing! Went beyond what we expected. She was so warm, everyone loved her!

Anne Wedlock

We had the most totally joyous day thanks to Joyce

We have been to a few weddings recently where the celebrants 'took over the show' and the weddings were all about their role in the ceremony, not the bride and groom.

We, on the other hand, had the most wonderful wedding. Joyce listened to what we wanted for our special day and delivered that and more. Friends and family still make a point of telling us how beautiful it was

We loved the way Joyce was happy to incorporate the Scottish handfasting and loving cup, with whiskey of course, into the ceremony. Joyce also managed all the paperwork and legal side of things so we didn't have to worry about any of that.

I would recommend Joyce in a heartbeat. We had the most totally joyous day thanks to Joyce. It couldn't have been better. Joyce worked with us to provide the wedding we wanted not a set package that is churned out on a regular basis.

Don't settle for anything less than 'perfect' for your special day, trust me Joyce will deliver that and more.

Maureen Evans

You were wonderful as our celebrant!

Joyce is a lovely relaxed and approachable marriage celebrant. She tailored our ceremony with a relaxed and casual vibe - exactly as we wanted we wanted it!

We particularly liked the 45min meeting to get to know you and your availability to ask questions via email/text.

We loved that you allowed us to make changes to what you had compiled for us so we could have the ceremony exactly as we wanted it.

You were wonderful as our celebrant. We will recommend you to our friends who are all becoming engaged.

Charlotte Dyer

I Couldn't Have Picked a Better Celebrant!

Joyce was amazing! I couldn't have picked a better Celebrant!

Joyce was so polite and friendly and we loved that she listened to our needs. .

She was so relaxed which, made us feel a lot more relaxed on the day.

We would love to recommend Joyce she did an amazing job.

I just want to say thank you for making our day so special.

Melanie Letham

It was perfect!

We were concerned about how to get a marriage certificate

Joyce had fast processing with the marriage and made us convenient to get the marriage certificate

She was very kind and also friendly. Pretty much satisfied with her work. We are happy with her work.

I absolutely recommend the service if somebody need that because it was a great service... No, it was perfect!


Everyone Commented On How Great The Ceremony Was

We were looking for a marriage celebrant who would be knowledgeable, easy to contact and be able to give us many ideas for the ceremony. We had looked over some ceremony ideas online and in books but really wanted some guidance from someone who was well-informed. We also wanted to check details regarding the legal aspects, forms required, identification needed and so on to prevent any hitches.

Our main concern, from past experience dealing with other agencies and suppliers, was that whoever we chose would be easy to contact and answer our questions. We also wanted someone who had a friendly, humorous but professional approach. As a Celebrant, you fulfilled all of the criteria above and gave us so many great ideas for the ceremony, music and involvement of the guests.

You put both of us at ease, got to know us and what was important for us as a couple, and basically just guided us through the whole process. You thought of all the extra details that we may have overlooked, and delivered a fantastic service from start to finish, especially on the day where everyone commented on how great the ceremony was. You listened to our opinions and preferences, and still managed to convince a particularly headstrong groom to tow the line! =)

The documents and guide sheets were really useful as they meant we could read over everything and discuss it in the car following the appointment, and make decisions without overlooking things. They also clarified all the legal requirements and the steps needed. You also showed genuine interest in the venue and other parts of the day, and worked out how to make the ceremony compliment the event as a whole.

The face to face meetings were very helpful. We went through all of the details, relationship history, event details and ceremony preferences. The printed information documents wren also vet useful, including the legal things, the vow ideas, the ceremony addition ideas and then the draft copy of the ceremony before the day.

We would happily recommend your service to others, because we are confident that we would be promoting a professional, warm, trustworthy and humorous celebrant that others would be lucky to have!

Thank you so much for being our celebrant, we couldn’t have asked for better. If we renew our vows, you will be the first to know!

Becky Madden

Thanks For Being So Amazing!

We had no idea what was involved and how much depth a marriage celebrant needed to go into - but Joyce soon fixed that!

Joyce was always available, would always get back to us and was happy to discuss any amendments - as a result the service was exactly what we wanted.

Joyce also helped us understand the process of the service and how to organise things and she provided us with alternatives so we could customise the service.

Joyce got us! And, her delivery was just perfect in conveying what we wanted and who we are as a couple.

Joyce, thanks for being so amazing - we couldn't have done it without you! You truly were a highlight of the day and everyone raved about you. You definitely delivered on all your promises and we will definitely be happy to recommend you to family and friends in need of a celebrant.

Rebecca Wassell

We were so impressed!

We were concerned about finding someone that we thought would fit with our personalities.

After choosing Joyce as our Celebrant we were relieved of the anxiety of what and how to manage our ceremony.

Cheryl and I along with many of our guests were so impressed with the Ribbon ceremony and how this included the special people in our lives into the ceremony with us.

We were very pleased with how you provided detailed options for procedures and the relevant literature to assist us in our choices. The sample vows were very useful for thought prompts on what to say and assist in compiling our own vows.

We will definitely recommend you to any persons that are in need of a celebrant.

We found that you are very approachable with a great personality. You are very professional in your work, and at the same time, you are very aware of your clients' needs.

Peter Elliott

We are so thankful that we found you Joyce!

We are 100% happy to recommend Joyce Mathers to everybody. She is very well organised and very hands-on wedding celebrant who is so easy to work with.

Joyce is a very happy person and very lovely. I love her personality and I love the way she communicates with people - it’s like she’s a part of the family (well she is now because we love her).

Chrisvine and I are so very happy that we chose Joyce. It was so very hard for us to find a celebrant that suited our needs (we’ve been already with 2 celebrants and it didn’t go well) but her attitude towards us from the first time we met - well we just fell in love with her. She gave us tips about what marriage will be about, she also helped us with the paperwork and made things so hassle-free for us. Life is easy with Joyce.

We are so thankful that we found you Joyce. You made our special day very memorable and wonderful. You are one of a kind. We had a hard time looking for a celebrant to celebrate with us but then we met you - you were so perfect!

We cannot thank you enough. If there was a word that says more than “thank you”, we'd be very happy to say it to you. Thank you so much! God Bless you!

PeeJay & Chrisvine Gamboa

I can't wait to renew my vows so we can book Joyce again!

Kim witnessed Joyce marry her best friend and thought she must marry us when we marry the following year.

Joyce, you offered us nothing but love, professionalism and an incredible service. It was like we've always known you as a friend.

Joyce understood our needscompletely. The service content she provided was truly amazing. The options of text for the service were excellent and A.V. was just right for our service.

I would absolutely encourage everyone to use Joyce because you won't get a better celebrant and a more genuine service.

I can't wait to renew my vows so we can book Joyce again 🙂

Andrew McMurray

People need to know how incredible Joyce really is!

We wanted someone who was down to earth, professional and made us feel comfortable and relaxed - both in the lead-up to our wedding and on the day. This is exactly what Joyce delivered.

We knew our wedding was in safe hands the day we met Joyce. She just gave us a feeling that she knew exactly what she was doing and we wouldn't have to worry about anything!

We found Joyce to be extremely friendly and easy to work with. She really took all of the hassles with the paperwork and legal stuff out of our hands and made the whole process smooth sailing for us. We had no idea that a celebrant could so professional and yet was so easy going at the same time- until we met Joyce. She is on a whole other level!

When it came to the ceremony, Joyce made it all about us. She gave us great input but didn't once try and push her opinions or thoughts onto us. Joyce actually gave us the idea to include our mothers in our bridal party and have them be the first to walk down the aisle together. We had never seen before but, honestly, it was one of the best decisions we made. So many of our guests loved the idea and it really had such an extra-special impact on our day and on our mums too!

On our wedding day, Joyce went out of her way to make a connection with everyone! Not just the bride and groom. Not just the bridal party. Joyce got involved with everyone and that really created such an amazing vibe at our ceremony.

We will definitely be recommending Joyce to our family and friends. Joyce is everything you could look for in a celebrant. She ticks every box! Joyce just goes above and beyond to make sure that you're happy and she delivers on a whole other level.

If you haven't experienced it, it is hard to appreciate just how amazing Joyce's service is. I hope my words help because people need to know how incredible Joyce really is!

We wouldn't have gone with any other celebrant!

Jaxon & Laura Millsteed

It was as though she'd known us both for years

We just wanted a nice simple and relaxed ceremony, so our main concern was finding someone who understood this... and us.

After our initial chat we knew we wanted Joyce. She put us at ease immediately, took care of everything and gave us a beautiful day to remember always.

I really enjoyed Joyce's efficiency and her calm manner. We didn't need to think about anything or chase anything up. We felt confident right from the start.

We also liked that we could video chat with Joyce as we lived interstate. We loved how she created a beautiful but still light and humorous ceremony which is exactly what we wanted - it was as though she'd known us both for years. Very cleverly done.

I would certainly recommend Joyce Mathers. She has heart and presence. She is just gorgeous.

We also loved the accent 😉

Amalie Simpson

We were in great hands!

Our main concern was finding someone that would fit with Jason and me. From the moment we met you we knew you were the person we wanted to marry us. We both felt instantly comfortable and your sense of humour was great, really down to earth.

We were not stressed about any of the legal side of things as we had confidence in what you explained to us and knew we were in great hands. There was so much we didn't know and you help us through all that.

Your personality just shines through and makes all who are around you feel happy and relaxed.

You made us feel comfortable on the day and helped us get through it without too many tears 🙂

You worked with us to provide us with the ceremony that fit with Jason and me, you helped make it special.

Without a doubt we would recommend you as a celebrant, you made our day complete. Because of you, we choose the Hand Fasting to be included in our ceremony. We had so many comments about that and how much people enjoyed the ceremony and they thought you were amazing.

Jason and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our day a complete success. You were very professional but at the same time, you were part of us and our family and friends. You are without a doubt a very special lady.

Jason and Kathryn Fallon

It Really Was a Pleasure Dealing With You!

Thanks so much for your services as our marriage celebrant Joyce.

It really was a pleasure dealing with you & helping to make things worry free and easy!

Renee Priestly

Before choosing Joyce for our ceremony we had concerns as we wanted to make sure that we found a celebrant that was relaxed and really understood what we wanted for our day.

After choosing to work with Joyce we instantly felt more relaxed. As we live in Ireland and trying to organise a wedding from the otherside of the world adds another layer of stress. Joyce was so professional and confident, she automatically put us at ease and had great ideas on how we could tailor our ceremony to really make our ceremony reflective of us as a couple.

Joyce is just such a happy, sunny person, she had lots of great ideas and provided us with a unique ceremony that was totally "us" She is a true professional and it really showed on the day.

The consultations before the wedding where great to go through how the ceremony would run so that we could be relaxed as possible on the big day.

Definitely would recommend you 100% I loved how personal our ceremony was.

Thanks so much Joyce. We really appreciate everything you did to ensure our day went off without a hitch.

Bec Kelly (Moses)


We were comfortable choosing Joyce for our marriage celebrant because of feedback from other couples.

As well as being functional and providing correct service, Joyce was friendly and easily approachable. She made our wedding relaxing so everyone could enjoy it.

Would definitely recommend Joyce. She could make events lively. She was perfect!

Kinam Park

We found the perfect match in Joyce!

We wanted a celebrant that would fit the casual tone we wanted to set for our ceremony and we found the perfect match in Joyce.

We found Joyce to be genuine, professional and very informative. She provided an abundance of reference material, options and the flexibility to help us shape our ceremony content the way we wanted it.

Thank you, Joyce you enabled us to create exactly the ceremony we wanted and then you delivered it perfectly.

Yes, we would be happy to recommend Joyce.

Luke Bishop

Joyce is amazing!

I never really had any concerns about hiring Joyce. She was the celebrant at my best friends wedding and she was brilliant.

The only concern I had really was making sure all our paperwork was correct and on time as we were flying from Scotland to Australia to get married.

Joyce was amazing! She answered all our questions regarding the paperwork. We did a video call first and got the date booked in and then corresponded by email until we arrived in Australia. Then we met with Joyce once we arrived.

Joyce is helpful, friendly, approachable...and Scottish. She has a real passion and love for her work. Our vows were perfect and her recommendations for other services we could use were fantastic.

We particularly loved the idea of traditional vows along with the hand-fastening ceremony and the quaich.

Joyce is amazing. Great advice. Great Vows. I would 100% recommend Joyce as a celebrant.

Keep up the amazing work Joyce.

Love Kim and Andrew x

Kim Mcmurray

Your personality and passion is amazing

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for being so wonderful to work with in the lead up to Paige and Hayden's wedding. Your personality and passion is amazing, and I'll definitely be recommending you as a celebrant in the future!

Amanda Melia

Would we recommend Joyce? Absolutely!

Prior to our first meeting with Joyce, we didn't really have any clue on what the process was for marriage within Australia. We had attended plenty of weddings and knew we wanted someone laid back, fun and bubbly, someone that 'gets' us and puts us at ease but were concerned about what we needed to have/ the process for marriage in Australia.

Attending Joyce's 'info night' was our first source of information on legalities and processes etc. and we were immediately put at ease. Everything was explained to us in the simplest of terms. Matt and I felt very relaxed in Joyce's company and able to ask questions and work with her freely to have our ceremony go the way we had imagined - sentimental & emotional but with plenty of humour.

The rehearsal really set us up for the day. Although we were both really nervous on the day, the rehearsal gave me a few days feeling relieved and just excited. Also, the suggestions Joyce made during the rehearsal for our mum's to walk down the aisle and for the bridesmaid's positions were perfect.

We loved the initial information session, the selection of verses, ceremony examples and traditions etc. It all helped us decide on the perfect layout for our ceremony.

Would we recommend Joyce? Absolutely -we'll get on to some of our friends yet to take the leap into marriage 🙂

A massive thank you, Joyce! We were thrilled to have such a lovely celebrant as part of our day. In fact, we would love to attend more weddings in the future with you as the celebrant.

Paula Peacock

A very charismatic celebrant with a lovely voice.

We had no concerns about engaging Joyce as our marriage celebrant because we already knew her personally. We knew she would be a very charismatic celebrant with a lovely voice.

Joyce was excellent in every aspect of the celebration. We particularly liked her sense of humour and the way she relaxed everyone.

The rehearsal was very detailed and gave us confidence and we liked the way Joyce arranged the wedding party entry into the park.

We would be extremely happy to recommend Joyce as we were very satisfied with every part of the day and we have received a lot of very positive feedback. Many people commented on what a lovely relaxing celebration we had and what a lovely accent our excellent our marriage celebrant had.

Ann and Chris Hind

We Were Very Happy With Our Ceremony

Our priority was a personalised and individual ceremony that was unique to us as individuals and newlyweds. We were very pleased and relieved after meeting with Joyce as we felt this was going to be the case.

Joyce was very attentive and understood what we were looking for in a celebrant, where others we had met were very clinical and rushed us through as another cab off the rank.

Our expectations were not only met but exceeded. We were very happy with our ceremony and from all reports it was very personal and heart-felt.

Joyce's general attitude and demeanour was very warm and welcoming. The suggested ceremony rituals were useful. She took note of our individual circumstances and relayed that in the ceremony script.

Joyce provided a ceremony service of a high quality and from experience that's hard to find.

We may seek her services for future life events of ours or our friends and family.

Carl Travaglini

Our night was very personalised.

Knowing we had chosen the right person to marry us was our biggest concern before working with Joyce.

Joyce met us as a couple at the outset, which was very helpful. Joyce was just so caring, patient and very accommodating.

She made sure that we had what we wanted to include for the ceremony. As a result, our night was very personalised.

We liked that Joyce sent off all our paperwork, that made it very easy for us.

Yes, I would definitely recommend your services because of all of the above. You were lovely to work with.

Just a big THANK YOU for being our celebrant and for being such a lovely, caring and helpful person.

Shene O'Connor

We will never forget the joy and meaning you brought to our special day!

We never had any concerns about selecting Joyce as our marriage celebrant because she came so highly recommend.

We absolutely loved the fact Joyce personalised everything to suit us and the little jokes that where incorporated made it so special and unforgettable.

We loved that we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Joyce took care of everything from paperwork to vows which made us comfortable and confident.

I would be more then happy to recommend Joyce to absolutely anybody! Joyce was a huge part of our day she made it unforgettable - everything ran so smoothly and we found Joyce such a pleasure to work with.

Joyce we loved working with you and really feel that you are now such a special part of our family. We will never forget the joy and meaning you brought to our special day

Kelly Sue Rowett

Joyce was very helpful and easy to work with

We had no concerns about engaging Joyce as our wedding celebrant.

Joyce was very patient (particularly when I stressed out a couple of days before the wedding), very relaxed and easy going.

We liked that we included remembering those who passed away and the tie the knot ceremony for Stu's dad

Overall we had an excellent service and we felt very comfortable.

We would certainly recommend Joyce was very helpful and easy to work with and everything ran very smoothly.

Natasha Maio and Stuart Mackenzie

It really was one of the best days of our lives!

Before choosing Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was feeling comfortable with the person that was marrying us and that it would be somebody who could best guide us in vows that matched out relationship.

After choosing to work with Joyce we found that everything felt comfortable and natural. Joyce provided us with vows which incorporated our love for each other, our little son and our families.

The one thing we really liked most about the service provided was that everything felt tailored around our relationship and life

We also liked that we were provided with a draft version of our service and could then make changes. We liked that Joyce took the time to come to our location for a rehearsal with us and our photographer.

Yes, we would be very happy to recommend Joyce's service to other couples. Joyce will make any couple feel comfortable and will make sure their individual story as a couple is shown to their loved ones.

Thank you so much for marrying us, it really was one of the best days of our lives!

Nicole and Thomas Cobern

What a wonderful service Joyce provided

Joyce was warm, funny, and a perfect addition to our special day.

I had countless guests and family comment what a wonderful service Joyce provided. My husband and I were so thankful we chose Joyce to marry us. She accommodated our requests and even helped us pronounce our pregnancy which was a surprise. The choice of rituals was so enlightening and everything was so well organised.

We were always informed of what would happen and when.

10/10 would recommend.

And I am glad when I look back on our wedding day that Joyce was apart of it. She was wonderful

Beth M.

Joyce made sure we were happy each step of the way.

Our original celebrant was unable to conduct our ceremony and got in touch with Joyce for us. Our only concern was we hadn't Joyce.

But there was nothing to be concerned about! The whole process was very smooth and Joyce made sure we were happy each step of the way.

She did a great job helping me navigate my very trying family dynamics and changed things up at the last minute for me with my dad and stepdad both walking me down the aisle.

Joyce was fantastic in helping with all the paperwork and how to navigate it. I loved the humour she included in our ceremony as well.

I would certainly recommend Joyce. Everything was made easy for us and we couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant

Thank you again Joyce!

Ashton thatcher

Lovely and caring in all that we wanted!

We were initially concerned whether she could accept all our requirements, but aww, she was lovely and caring in all that Tony and I wanted☺

We really appreciated Joyce's professional style, humour and her personality ☺☺ and we loved how, when you were doing our ceremony, you included all our guests and had them join in.

I'd recommend Joyce Mathers to anyone of my family and friends. Reason being: Her professionalism, her personality and how she took care of detail.

She goes with the flow and is a very nice and elegant woman.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH 💒💐💙💚💛💜❤💖💝☺☺☺

Marta Te kiri- whiley

We knew you were the one!

We didn't really have any concerns before choosing you as our marriage celebrant: you had made me cry when we met you at a wedding event, so we knew you were the one!

We loved the questionnaire that we filled out to give you an idea about us and our relationship.

We really appreciated that you brought the humour and lightheartedness to our ceremony that we were looking for and that you made us feel so at ease.

Thanks for keeping those boys under control; they can be a bit rowdy! 🙂

Renita Humphries

We couldn't have done it without Joyce!

We couldn't have done the wedding without you Joyce!

Not only did you give us a very personal ceremony with the Scottish touch we wanted, you threw in some humour.

I wanted a real Scottish feel since we weren't getting married at home and you have a real connection to Ian's family. It meant a lot with Granny no longer being with us.

We loved how very easy you were to work with and how sympathetic you were to our needs (or should I say Ian's needs) for a simple and fuss-free ceremony.

We also really appreciated your contact with Dave for the bagpipes, and you dealing with all the paper work for us.

Thanks again for providing us with such a lovely, unique, service that reflected both of our personalities perfectly. It wouldn't have been the same without you Joyce!

Katy Buchan

Joyce, You Made Our Night Perfect!

Damien and I chose Joyce as our marriage celebrant for our Wedding and for the Naming Ceremony for our daughter here in Perth on the 1st of October. We were so very happy with everything. Joyce is an absolute pleasure to deal with and I can't recommend her enough

Joyce, you made our night perfect - light hearted and funny - just the way we wanted it. Everyone there thought you were wonderful.

If we ever need a celebrant again, you'll be on speed dial!

Tammie Bryden

Joyce is absolutely wonderful in every way!

What can I say... Joyce is absolutely wonderful in every way!

Our biggest concern was not being able to find a Celebrant that could make us feel calm during the ceremony

Joyce was a perfect match for us and made our wedding day extra special. We couldn't be any happier with her 🙂

She is so humble and genuine which makes the whole process so much easier!

Not only did she make us feel so calm during the ceremony, her presence was enough to make us feel loved... like she was part of the family!

Joyce was also able to recommend a piper and tunes for the ceremony which was one less stress for us.

So thank you Joyce for being such an amazing celebrant for Graeme and I!

Leanny Basil Robertson

Made our day special

Before meeting Joyce we were concerned about arranging everything plus family issues we had .

Joyce had a calming effect and was reassuring to us both.

She gave us efficient yet personal service and made us feel special.

She even lent us a tablecloth when I was stressed because I could not find one.

Joyce's humour and laughter made arranging our ceremony easy and fun (arranging things usually stresses me!!!)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Joyce. You calmed me down and made our day special.

Ruth Morphet Colquhoun

She was brilliant!

We were hoping to find a marriage celebrant with a kind and calming presence who could put us both at ease. We did.

We found Joyce. She is an absolute fountain of knowledge with a warm personality and a calming nature. It was wonderful having someone we could bounce questions off and who could provide us with so many different ideas without making us feel overwhelmed.

Joyce was also so easy to work with. Joyce organised all the paperwork for us, she touched base with us regularly to make sure everything was kept on track, and she made us both feel so comfortable on the day.

Would be happy to recommend Joyce to others? Yes! She was brilliant!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Joyce, from two happily married lovebirds!

Miatta Kovacs

You Provided The Best Service And The Most Heartfelt Ceremony

I had attended previous weddings and the celebrants were either very young or a little detached I felt. I was looking for someone who had some life experience and wanted someone we felt comfortable with. You were the first celebrant I contacted and after speaking with you on the phone I didn’t bother speaking to anyone else.

From our first telephone conversation, I felt totally comfortable and when we met for the first time Tim actually said, “You have definitely chosen the right person” (and he doesn’t normally say much). We found you to be someone who is extremely professional and prompt in the business side of what needed to be done. In addition to this, which was very important to us, we found a very warm and caring person.

The service you provided was so special – not only professional but you cared about us personally, and our love story, how we got to the point of our decision to marry after 28 years. Loved how you also incorporated our lost loved-ones in our ceremony (I know there was a few - more than most young couples ha ha)

You made the legal process for us very smooth, explaining clearly what was needed. Sending us the ceremony was reassuring for what was going to happen on the day because it showed you had really listened to everything we had said about “our story” and our family story (have to tell you that we both were emotional reading the ceremony – a very good sign – and that’s how we chose our music).

We certainly are more than happy to recommend you. You provided “the best” service and the most heartfelt ceremony – so over and above anything we have ever seen at other weddings before. Your made the legal process easy for us, you actually listened and heard “our love story” and incorporated it all so perfectly in our ceremony.

There is nothing to add except another big “Thank you” for everything. Loved everything about our ceremony – and the “extra mile” you went for us - and such lovely things you said about the relationship we formed during the process. I know I’ve said it before but again “You’re Amazing”.

Chris Bali

Just exactly what we wanted.

A huge thank you to you Joyce for making our day so special and for including our dogs too!

You were absolutely wonderful and I'd recommend you to anyone who needed your service. It was friendly and full of fun and laughter without being too serious. Just exactly what we wanted.

Tamara Gries

Very happy we found Joyce!

Not having meet Joyce before, we where unsure what to expect. But, we are very happy we found her!

Joyce is honest, very easy to communicate with and a pleasure to deal with.

I liked the fact that Joyce listened to our requirements and made the day stress free

Joyce accommodated us at short notice and took care of all of the paperwork. As we were coming from New Zealand to Australia to get married, this would have been a real challenge for us.

If we ever had to get married again or renew our vows we would be happy to use Joyce again.

Andrew Brook

Joyce is so friendly and helpful

One of our main concerns was finding a marriage celebrant who would perform the ceremony exactly how we wanted it.

Joyce provided us with clear and concise information about what was required for a wedding ceremony. Her wedding ceremony guide was very useful.

The one thing I liked the most was how easy Joyce was to talk to. Joyce is so friendly and helpful - you could tell she loves her job.

It was so helpful being able to look through sample wedding ceremonies, poems and music as was Joyce being able to organise a piper and a list of tunes for us to choose from.

We loved the fact that we were able to incorporate the hand-fasting and quaich rituals into our ceremony. We found Joyce's guide was a great help in writing our vows . I especially liked the fact that Joyce wrote up the ceremony with our vows and sent it to us for approval and we could make any adjustments we wanted.

All-in-all, Joyce made the whole process so easy for us. We will definitely be recommending her!

Kirsty Boyce

Joyce was flawless.. a perfect Celebrant

There are no words to express how grateful we were to have Joyce as our celebrant.

It has taken me a long time to recover from the chaos of the wedding and be able to reflect and think about the day. I found the whole experience quite overwhelming and have not really done anything with wedding stuff since - I only had the first photograph printed this Christmas just gone. Being the centre of attention is not my favourite, but I have been meaning to send this through since you emailed me two years ago. I think I'm ready now! I wanted you to thank you and let you know you made it very easy to organise the legal documentation, and the ceremony itself. We were very anxious about the whole idea of the ceremony and being the centre of attention, it was not a part either of us were looking forward to. You made sure we were as comfortable as we were going to be, knew exactly what we were doing and guided us through every part of the process - from the big details to the small.

I really appreciate all the time spent with us helping us organise our vows by providing examples, focusing on us at the rehearsals, and spending time with our bridal party and family to make sure everyone was confident with their roles and knew what was happening. Even taking time to get the very young page boys and flower girl excited about the role they were playing in our wedding.

On the day you were flawless. I had numerous guests compliment me on the celebrant I had chosen. They noted your calm relaxed manner, charisma and clear voice. But they also noted little details before the ceremony started like welcoming guests, and details I didn't appreciate until afterwards like the way you made sure you stepped to one side when you pronounced us husband and wife, so the photographer could get a good shot.

Your attention to detail, beautiful manner and radiant personality makes you a perfect celebrant. The profession is lucky to have you. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to complete this, but Thank you Joyce. It would not have been the same without you . All my love xx

Sonia Holmes

Everyone Said It Was Wonderful!

From start to finish, Joyce was amazing and performed our ceremony, with confidence and style!

We first met Joyce when we were looking for a band to play at our wedding and were excited to learn that our lead singer was also a registered civil celebrant here in Perth. Joyce stood out for us immediately with her lovely bubbly personality and we loved the way she personalised our ceremony and made it unique for us with a relaxed easy going intimate feel that we were hoping for. We had so many positive comments after the wedding from our friends with everyone saying it was wonderful.

Thank you so much Joyce for making our wedding day absolutely ‘perfect' for us. We were completely happy with the whole ceremony and wouldn't want to change a single thing. I would definitely recommend Joyce to anyone who is looking for an amazing marriage celebrant in Perth, and we believe we have found a new friend in this delightful woman.

Shelley Burnaby

Our ceremony was beyond perfect!

Our main concern when choosing a celebrant was that they would not deliver a personal ceremony and that their choice of words would sound scripted. However, Joyce blew us and our guests away with how personal our ceremony was!

As a result, our ceremony was beyond perfect! Joyce brought up the idea of including my mother in the ceremony which she loved, she gets teary every time she brings it up! Joyce spoke clearly and professionally, delivering an amazing service.

I didn't expect to get so teary when saying my vows and Joyce told me to take a minute, reminded me that we were in no rush and made me feel so comfortable.

We loved Joyce's idea to include our mums. They were such a big part of both our lives and much too important to us for them not to be included in the ceremony. We know it meant the world to both of them.

The second feature we adored was "our story": Joyce scripted exactly what we wanted to say and even gave some tips on how we might word it better. This was useful because it is what made our ceremony so personal.

I would be more than happy to recommend Joyce. She was a pleasure to meet with and also to communicate with over email.

Thank you so much, Joyce, the ceremony was definitely the highlight of the day and it wouldn't have been without you!

Brianna Natalie Snowdon

A beautiful and memorable experience

We had no reservations about choosing Joyce as our celebrant. She made us feel so comfortable all the way through.

The ceremony Joyce provides is so much more memorable than doing it at the registration office.

We loved the words said before the legal vows were conducted and the ring exchange with the true and meaningful words said about spending the rest of our lives together.

I would definitely recommend Joyce because of the beautiful and memorable experience I have had myself.

Rebecca Tan

Made our special day perfect!

We wanted someone we got along with well that was a lot of fun

Joyce was exactly what we were looking for!

We really liked her ability to tell our story whilst adding her own personal touch.

Also loved Joyce's efficiency with legalities, ideas on presenting the bridal party and rituals for our ceremony

Definitely happy to recommend Joyce because she brings professionalism and consistent improvement and friendliness into her work

She made our special day perfect!

Sheree Teagle

The way Joyce designed and put everything together was just perfect

Joyce had married a friend of mine who had said she was just beautiful… can I say she was and is right!

Our first conversation on the phone made me feel Joyce was going to be perfect.

We felt she had a sincere interest in marrying us. To want to learn and know our story and assist us in making our ceremony extra special for a very special occasion with her great ideas, knowledge and professionalism on the subject. We felt Joyce would create something that would be perfect for us: something that is us, for our wedding day.

We could easily see she had the expertise and sincerity to assist us in making our day memorable by being our marriage celebrant.

Along with all the above we loved the ceremony options Joyce offered us. We chose Celtic Hand Fasting. This was wonderful as we are a couple, who have children from previous relationships and it was a fabulous way to bring two families together. So it was just a perfect option for us as we got our children involved as well.

The way Joyce designed and put everything together was just perfect. And can I say, everyone who attended, has remarked on what a beautiful ceremony it was. They had never been to such a grand beach wedding with such a grand celebrant.

We loved that we were able to get everything emailed to us to review so we could make our decision for our ceremony.
It was great to be able to liaise with Joyce to perfect the way we wanted it. Her professional guidance and expertise made our ceremony simply perfect for us.

And we loved the way Joyce dealt with all the necessary paperwork and legal documents. This was made very easy for us as she were so very organised and so professional. Thank you Joyce!

Having a rehearsal too, gave all who were able to attend a good idea of how the ceremony was going to run.

Would I be happy to recommend Joyce’s service? Yes, yes, yes!

And the reasons why are all of the above!

Joyce’s total commitment to us as a couple about to take on marriage.
Her absolute professionalism and expertise throughout this whole journey from the first phone call, to the actual grand beach wedding ceremony.
Our family and friends say exactly the same too. Everyone just loves Joyce and the way yshe delivered our wedding.
Joyce has a wonderful aura and personality. We cannot say enough about her…Joyce is a fabulous lady and a fabulous celebrant!

Steve and I would sincerely like to thank you Joyce for making our day so special for all involved. It would be a pleasure recommending you to anyone looking for a fabulous celebrant to marry them! Thank you so much.

Angela & Steve Trainor

Very happy, our day was beautiful and you helped create that!

My husband and I wanted a simple ceremony that reflected who we were as people. Joyce helped us design a ceremony that suited us and gave us ideas on how to make it truly personal and special.

Joyce is a lovely person that was very accommodating and organised. When you have so many stressors in the months leading up to the wedding, it was for us, so lovely to have one less thing to worry about as we knew Joyce was on top of it.

We were looking for a custom wedding in which our uncle from Scotland could be involved, Joyce was happy to accommodate and came up with a ceremony that would enable us to have him do a hand fasting. It truly was a magical experience and we are still getting comments on how beautiful it was.

Joyce was very organised, she had all the paperwork we needed to sign and took care of posting it off, it was the little touches like this that makes her stand out.

Very happy, our day was beautiful and you helped create that.

Thank You again for everything!

Alyssa Woodall

Brilliant! Thank you! Perfect day!

Joyce was fabulous! She helped us create the perfect wedding ceremony by making it comfortable, fun and enjoyable for us all.

Brilliant! Thank you! Perfect day!

I could not recommend Joyce highly enough, Thanks again xxx

Erin Hinsley

Joyce made every effort to give us what we wanted

We were keen that our wedding ceremony was meaningful and consistent with who we are and didn't feel staged.

Joyce made every effort to give us what we wanted. She went through several drafts, helping us put our ideas together until and we had a ceremony that flowed well and incorporated all of the elements that were important to us.

Joyce also made getting all of the paperwork sorted extremely easy and her sound system was simple enough to ask a friend to look after music on relatively short notice.

Joyce is a celebrant who really does make every effort to deliver a ceremony tailored to the individual couple. I will be happy to recommend her.

Cherie and Daniel Blyth

Everything we wanted for a celebrant and more!

Before choosing Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was finding someone who was warm, fun, and friendly. Someone who could make our ceremony enjoyable and memorable for all our guests.

After meeting Joyce for the first time, we knew we had found our celebrant. She was so everything we wanted for a celebrant and more!

She not only helped us make our ceremony special for us but we found someone who could help us with the legal process before and after the ceremony.

One thing we really loved about Joyce was how she was able to show our family and friends just how much we appreciated them being present at our ceremony.

We also liked how Joyce was she was able to Joyce took the stress out of the legal process and the marriage ceremony itself. She also made our family and friends feel comfortable, as well as being fun and smiling throughout the ceremony.

We would definitely be happy to recommend Joyce's service. Joyce is warm and humous and able to lead the ceremony with a smile on her face.

Priya Rabadia

Joyce Made Our Day So Special!

Joyce made our day so special.

Our ceremony was beautiful, romantic and personal - everything we wanted!

It was a pleasure meeting you Joyce. Thank you for everything, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Geraldine Potts

We couldn't have asked for a better service

Joyce was our wedding celebrant in October 2016, and we couldn't have asked for a better service.

From start to finish, Joyce was professional, quick to respond to questions and a mine of information!

She really got to know us as a couple and put together the perfect ceremony that suited us exactly. All of our guests made sure to tell us how much they enjoyed it!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Joyce as a celebrant, she was fantastic.

Rebecca Hagedoorn

Exactly What We Were Hoping For in a Marriage Celebrant

We booked Joyce as our marriage celebrant for our recent wedding ceremony in Perth. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with every step of the way.

She was a wealth of knowledge, helped us find a ceremony ritual that we loved, and helped tailor a ceremony that was short and sweet - exactly what we were hoping for. We had many of our wedding guests approach us on the day and comment on what a wonderful job Joyce did.

We would unreservedly recommend Joyce to anyone in Perth seeking a wedding celebrant who is warm, friendly and professional. Thank you Joyce!

Katie Summers

A ceremony that suited us perfectly.

We were keen on making sure our ceremony was simple and not over the top.

Joyce was very professional and provided lots of suggestions that we hadn't thought of and the result was a ceremony that suited us perfectly.

Joyce is a pro. Definitely knows what she is doing, which is exactly what you need on a stressful day such as your wedding.

The online booking system was a great idea - very streamlined. Joyce provided her own sound equipment, including the option to play our music through aux cable - which made everything so easy.

Joyce is friendly, organised and professional. I would definitely recommend her!

Thank you so much.

Olivia Withers

Joyce was great! Professional, organised and very helpful.

We were useless at wedding planning, so we wanted someone who was organised and was able to help guide us through the process.

Joyce was great!

She was well prepared and well organised from the beginning, which, for us, was extremely helpful as we were useless at wedding planning! She was also extremely helpful in the preparation of our custom vows.

Joyce did a great job on the day. She was professional but also relaxed and able improvise when needed.

Joyce was everything that we wanted in a celebrant, we would highly recommend her.

Blair Chalmers

There was no question as to who I wanted there as our celebrant - Joyce!

Having previously hired Joyce for my mothers wedding, when I was planning my own wedding there was no question as to who I wanted there as our celebrant - Joyce!

Joyce has a very friendly approach and she is very easy and friendly to deal with. All questions you ask are answered in a timely manner.

I particularly appreciated how Joyce personalised the service to suit myself and Mark including the addition of Scottish traditions!

I will certainly be recommending Joyce. In fact, since hiring Joyce as the celebrant for my mothers wedding anyone looking for recommendations I have always directed them to Joyce.

Thank you very much for all your help throughout the process. Always a pleasure dealing with you Joyce.

Mandy Lucas

Joyce Understood Our Needs Perfectly!

Thank you Joyce for a beautiful ceremony.

Our day was made all the more memorable by your warm and welcoming personality.

Our family asked if you were a personal friend. You understood our needs perfectly.

Pauline Dunning

Everything was perfect! 

Having seen the fabulous service Joyce performed at my sister's wedding, we had absolutely no concerns about engaging her as our marriage celebrant.

Joyce is very good at what she does. We found her to be a lovely, caring, helpful and very dedicated woman who made it very easy to get everything done. And, on the day, everything was just perfect!

Thank you Joyce, for a very easy going stress free service (and for keeping the boys in line - ha ha).

Ashleigh Suzanne Walpole

Joyce was brilliant from start to finish!

Joyce was the first and only celebrant we met with. We just knew we had to book her!

Our main concern was having a ceremony that was both heartwarming and lighthearted. We didn't want anything too soppy, but we didn't want a dry eye in the house - we wanted everyone crying from either emotion or laughter. From the first time we spoke with Joyce, we knew she would provide that balance between lovely and funny story telling. You best believe Joyce delivered on that! It was perfect.

Joyce was brilliant from start to finish. Joyce is a great communicator and she struck the perfect balance between personable and professional, knowledgable and open, kind and funny. Having the ceremony conducted in her lovely Scottish accent also helped us feel connected to our late grandparents on both sides.

We'd book Joyce again in a heartbeat and have already recommended her to our engaged friends. The 'bridemates' in particular still rave about the ceremony, everyone loved Joyce!

Thank you Joyce, you were fab!

Hannah Campbell

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