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Wedding Vows

Writing Your Perfect Wedding Vows.

Your marriage vows are the most important and meaningful part of your wedding day. Your vows trump everything else: the words you exchange and the promises you make to one another are how you declare your love, affirm your commitment and create your union - legally, spiritually and emotionally.

The words of your vows will live on long after your wedding day. Twenty years from now, will you really care what car you arrived in? Do you think you’ll think back on your cake with tears in your eyes, or cherish the memory of your floral arrangements? No!

What you will cherish is the memory of that simple, unassuming moment when you stood in front of your friends and loved ones and exchanged your vows.

Writing personal wedding vows brings a whole new level of meaning to your ceremony: That magical moment, when you find yourselves standing in front of the people most important to you, publicly declaring your love and commitment to each other in your own words, is a beautiful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But writing personal marriage vows can be scary. They can be tough to write. And yes, you might feel nervous about sharing your most intimate feelings in public; but, personal wedding vows speak straight from the heart and that is exactly why they are so powerful!

There are many different ways you can approach writing your wedding vows and, in truth, you can do whatever you want! After all, they are your wedding vows and they should reflect who you are and who your partner is, and the relationship that you wish to share.

 I memorise every line.
And, I kiss the name that you sign.
And darling, then I read again right from the start.
Love letters straight from your heart.
Edward Heyman

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I work with couples almost every day; taking care of their legal vows and guiding them in how to write their own personal wedding vows that express exactly what is in their hearts.

If, for whatever reason, writing a personal statement of your love and commitment is not something you would care to tackle, why not check out my very affordable Vow Writing Service.

What My Clients Have To Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.


Joyce made sure we had an amazing day

We were concerned we might not find a celebrant able to provide a unique wedding ceremony but Joyce made sure we had an amazing day.

Everything was perfect on our day due to the little details that Joyce put into our Scottish ceremony.

Joyce was very professional, flexible and easy to get in touch with. I would recommend Joyce's services due to the results of our wedding day and how perfect it went

Thank you, Joyce, for your services. We had an amazing day and we loved the ceremony you made for us.


Your Words Were So Perfect They Made Me Cry!

We were really concerned about having an over-the-top celebrant and not getting our vision for the wedding.

But, Joyce knew exactly what we were after. It's like she read our minds!

Joyce was very prepared and very helpful, specifically during the rehearsal as we had no idea what either of us were doing.

Joyce was very calming - weddings are very stressful and having a calming and relaxed celebrant is quite important.

Joyce is not pushy or rushing, she lets everything and everyone flow at their own pace which created an ambience I think everyone appreciated.

Our ceremony went perfectly! Tears were shed, happiness was spread and it's all because of Joyce!

Thank you so much Joyce, for being the celebrant for our amazing wedding!! We loved it so much! Your words were so perfect they made me cry!

I really really appreciate everything you have done for us! Both Jarred and I agree that it wouldn't have been as perfect as it was without you.

Are we happy to recommend Joyce? Of course we are!

Emily Coventry

Joyce Made Our Day So Special!

Joyce made our day so special.

Our ceremony was beautiful, romantic and personal - everything we wanted!

It was a pleasure meeting you Joyce. Thank you for everything, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Geraldine Potts

Everything we wanted for a celebrant and more!

Before choosing Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was finding someone who was warm, fun, and friendly. Someone who could make our ceremony enjoyable and memorable for all our guests.

After meeting Joyce for the first time, we knew we had found our celebrant. She was so everything we wanted for a celebrant and more!

She not only helped us make our ceremony special for us but we found someone who could help us with the legal process before and after the ceremony.

One thing we really loved about Joyce was how she was able to show our family and friends just how much we appreciated them being present at our ceremony.

We also liked how Joyce was she was able to Joyce took the stress out of the legal process and the marriage ceremony itself. She also made our family and friends feel comfortable, as well as being fun and smiling throughout the ceremony.

We would definitely be happy to recommend Joyce's service. Joyce is warm and humous and able to lead the ceremony with a smile on her face.

Priya Rabadia

Joyce You Are An Absolute Gem!

Joyce you are an absolute gem! You went above and beyond your duties as a marriage celebrant to make our special day perfect.

We will be recommending you to everyone!

Nadia Haynes

We found the perfect match in Joyce!

We wanted a celebrant that would fit the casual tone we wanted to set for our ceremony and we found the perfect match in Joyce.

We found Joyce to be genuine, professional and very informative. She provided an abundance of reference material, options and the flexibility to help us shape our ceremony content the way we wanted it.

Thank you, Joyce you enabled us to create exactly the ceremony we wanted and then you delivered it perfectly.

Yes, we would be happy to recommend Joyce.

Luke Bishop

It was perfect!

We were concerned about how to get a marriage certificate

Joyce had fast processing with the marriage and made us convenient to get the marriage certificate

She was very kind and also friendly. Pretty much satisfied with her work. We are happy with her work.

I absolutely recommend the service if somebody need that because it was a great service... No, it was perfect!


Joyce was amazing

We wanted someone who we felt comfortable with and Joyce made us feel very comfortable.

We found Joyce amazing, welcoming, and knowledgeable about what was required for us to marry.

She was very professional. Before the wedding Joyce made sure we had everything organised & after the wedding she had everything arranged for all the legal documentation to be done.

I would definitely recommend Joyce as a Wedding Celebrant. Joyce is wonderfully caring & everyone at the wedding said she did an amazing job. Thanks so much for the smooth transition.


Joyce made every effort to give us what we wanted

We were keen that our wedding ceremony was meaningful and consistent with who we are and didn't feel staged.

Joyce made every effort to give us what we wanted. She went through several drafts, helping us put our ideas together until and we had a ceremony that flowed well and incorporated all of the elements that were important to us.

Joyce also made getting all of the paperwork sorted extremely easy and her sound system was simple enough to ask a friend to look after music on relatively short notice.

Joyce is a celebrant who really does make every effort to deliver a ceremony tailored to the individual couple. I will be happy to recommend her.

Cherie and Daniel Blyth

Exactly What We Were Hoping For in a Marriage Celebrant

We booked Joyce as our marriage celebrant for our recent wedding ceremony in Perth. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with every step of the way.

She was a wealth of knowledge, helped us find a ceremony ritual that we loved, and helped tailor a ceremony that was short and sweet - exactly what we were hoping for. We had many of our wedding guests approach us on the day and comment on what a wonderful job Joyce did.

We would unreservedly recommend Joyce to anyone in Perth seeking a wedding celebrant who is warm, friendly and professional. Thank you Joyce!

Katie Summers

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