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Wedding Vows

Writing Your Perfect Wedding Vows.

Your marriage vows are the most important and meaningful part of your wedding day. Your vows trump everything else: the words you exchange and the promises you make to one another are how you declare your love, affirm your commitment and create your union - legally, spiritually and emotionally.

The words of your vows will live on long after your wedding day. Twenty years from now, will you really care what car you arrived in? Do you think you’ll think back on your cake with tears in your eyes, or cherish the memory of your floral arrangements? No!

What you will cherish is the memory of that simple, unassuming moment when you stood in front of your friends and loved ones and exchanged your vows.

Writing personal wedding vows brings a whole new level of meaning to your ceremony: That magical moment, when you find yourselves standing in front of the people most important to you, publicly declaring your love and commitment to each other in your own words, is a beautiful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But writing personal marriage vows can be scary. They can be tough to write. And yes, you might feel nervous about sharing your most intimate feelings in public; but, personal wedding vows speak straight from the heart and that is exactly why they are so powerful!

There are many different ways you can approach writing your wedding vows and, in truth, you can do whatever you want! After all, they are your wedding vows and they should reflect who you are and who your partner is, and the relationship that you wish to share.

 I memorise every line.
And, I kiss the name that you sign.
And darling, then I read again right from the start.
Love letters straight from your heart.
Edward Heyman

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I work with couples almost every day; taking care of their legal vows and guiding them in how to write their own personal wedding vows that express exactly what is in their hearts.

If, for whatever reason, writing a personal statement of your love and commitment is not something you would care to tackle, why not check out my very affordable Vow Writing Service.

What My Clients Have To Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.


Joyce Made Our Day Truly Memorable

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joyce as a marriage celebrant.

She helped us make our day truly memorable. It was a beautiful and intimate service made all the more special through Joyce's attention to detail.

Jacqui Nielsen

Everyone Commented On How Great The Ceremony Was

We were looking for a marriage celebrant who would be knowledgeable, easy to contact and be able to give us many ideas for the ceremony. We had looked over some ceremony ideas online and in books but really wanted some guidance from someone who was well-informed. We also wanted to check details regarding the legal aspects, forms required, identification needed and so on to prevent any hitches.

Our main concern, from past experience dealing with other agencies and suppliers, was that whoever we chose would be easy to contact and answer our questions. We also wanted someone who had a friendly, humorous but professional approach. As a Celebrant, you fulfilled all of the criteria above and gave us so many great ideas for the ceremony, music and involvement of the guests.

You put both of us at ease, got to know us and what was important for us as a couple, and basically just guided us through the whole process. You thought of all the extra details that we may have overlooked, and delivered a fantastic service from start to finish, especially on the day where everyone commented on how great the ceremony was. You listened to our opinions and preferences, and still managed to convince a particularly headstrong groom to tow the line! =)

The documents and guide sheets were really useful as they meant we could read over everything and discuss it in the car following the appointment, and make decisions without overlooking things. They also clarified all the legal requirements and the steps needed. You also showed genuine interest in the venue and other parts of the day, and worked out how to make the ceremony compliment the event as a whole.

The face to face meetings were very helpful. We went through all of the details, relationship history, event details and ceremony preferences. The printed information documents wren also vet useful, including the legal things, the vow ideas, the ceremony addition ideas and then the draft copy of the ceremony before the day.

We would happily recommend your service to others, because we are confident that we would be promoting a professional, warm, trustworthy and humorous celebrant that others would be lucky to have!

Thank you so much for being our celebrant, we couldn’t have asked for better. If we renew our vows, you will be the first to know!

Becky Madden

We found the perfect match in Joyce!

We wanted a celebrant that would fit the casual tone we wanted to set for our ceremony and we found the perfect match in Joyce.

We found Joyce to be genuine, professional and very informative. She provided an abundance of reference material, options and the flexibility to help us shape our ceremony content the way we wanted it.

Thank you, Joyce you enabled us to create exactly the ceremony we wanted and then you delivered it perfectly.

Yes, we would be happy to recommend Joyce.

Luke Bishop

Loved the personalised service!

Before choosing as our celebrant, our concerns were, I guess, whether the ceremony would go smoothly, be carried out the way we would like it (we wanted a simple but personal ceremony) and if our preferences would be understood.

But, we knew as soon as we met Joyce that we would be able to develop a good rapport, that she would listen to our needs and put a lot of effort into creating a really personal and enjoyable ceremony.

Working with Joyce was enjoyable throughout the whole process. I liked Joyce's warmth and friendliness and the fact she made a number of really good suggestions for our ceremony as we were a bit clueless!

I loved the personalised service, the pre-ceremony visit to our home and that we enjoyed a laid back, stress-free, event!

I would definitely recommend Joyce as a celebrant for a wedding. She was confident, commanding and funny; just what we wanted. She really made us feel as calm as possible about the ceremony.

It was a pleasure working with Joyce.

Jenny Kim

A Lovely, Kind and Generous Celebrant

Before we chose Joyce as our celebrant our main concern was in finding someone who would understand us.

After choosing Joyce we found that we could have the ceremony tailored exactly to what we wanted.

We really liked her openness to give us what we'd always wanted.

Joyce is a lovely, kind and generous celebrant. We will be absolutely happy to recommend her.

Sara Gnasso

Joyce Exceeded All of Our Expectations as Our Marriage Celebrant.

Our main concern was that we wanted a friendly and personal experience for our intimate ceremony. We needn't have worried because you exceeded all of our expectations as our marriage celebrant.

What we specifically liked most was your personal and friendly nature, and your ongoing support throughout the process. We really appreciated the ease of the paperwork, and that you went over and above in sending in the name change forms etc for us.

We also liked how personalised your service was - you even allowed us into your home to meet your husband!

We think you are a beautiful lady and would feel honoured recommending your service to any of our friends and family in Perth in need of a civil celebrant.

Celia Nielsen

Joyce is amazing!

We wanted a marriage celebrant that was laid back, relaxed, and not too formal. Someone with a sense of humour.

Joyce is an amazing lady who went above and beyond to met our request.

Joyce was so heartfelt she listened to what we wanted and did everything perfectly.

She sat down and chatted with us got to know us before writing our service

I would recommend Joyce she is an amazing lady who strives to make her clients happy! She gets to know her clients and puts it into an amazing service

Thanks again joyce x

Jodie Alvey

Joyce is an Absolute Gem!

Joyce did an absolutely amazing job as the marriage celebrant at our wedding in Perth. Our main concern about hiring a civil celebrant was that our wishes for a quick, easy, family orientated wedding that involved our children would be dismissed. But we found Joyce to be an absolute delight and so easy to work with. From the first contact nothing was a hassle. She was amazing with everything and covered every aspect of our wedding. She is very friendly and down to earth and was able to cater to all our needs.

We can't thank you enough Joyce. You’re so friendly and happy, so reasonably priced and so easy to work with. You’re just an absolute delight! We definitely will be happy to recommend your service. Thank you for everything. You are a star!!!!!!

Jacinta Chappel

Made our special day perfect!

We wanted someone we got along with well that was a lot of fun

Joyce was exactly what we were looking for!

We really liked her ability to tell our story whilst adding her own personal touch.

Also loved Joyce's efficiency with legalities, ideas on presenting the bridal party and rituals for our ceremony

Definitely happy to recommend Joyce because she brings professionalism and consistent improvement and friendliness into her work

She made our special day perfect!

Sheree Teagle

We were in great hands!

Our main concern was finding someone that would fit with Jason and me. From the moment we met you we knew you were the person we wanted to marry us. We both felt instantly comfortable and your sense of humour was great, really down to earth.

We were not stressed about any of the legal side of things as we had confidence in what you explained to us and knew we were in great hands. There was so much we didn't know and you help us through all that.

Your personality just shines through and makes all who are around you feel happy and relaxed.

You made us feel comfortable on the day and helped us get through it without too many tears 🙂

You worked with us to provide us with the ceremony that fit with Jason and me, you helped make it special.

Without a doubt we would recommend you as a celebrant, you made our day complete. Because of you, we choose the Hand Fasting to be included in our ceremony. We had so many comments about that and how much people enjoyed the ceremony and they thought you were amazing.

Jason and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our day a complete success. You were very professional but at the same time, you were part of us and our family and friends. You are without a doubt a very special lady.

Jason and Kathryn Fallon

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