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Wedding Vows

Writing Your Perfect Wedding Vows.

Your marriage vows are the most important and meaningful part of your wedding day. Your vows trump everything else: the words you exchange and the promises you make to one another are how you declare your love, affirm your commitment and create your union - legally, spiritually and emotionally.

The words of your vows will live on long after your wedding day. Twenty years from now, will you really care what car you arrived in? Do you think you’ll think back on your cake with tears in your eyes, or cherish the memory of your floral arrangements? No!

What you will cherish is the memory of that simple, unassuming moment when you stood in front of your friends and loved ones and exchanged your vows.

Writing personal wedding vows brings a whole new level of meaning to your ceremony: That magical moment, when you find yourselves standing in front of the people most important to you, publicly declaring your love and commitment to each other in your own words, is a beautiful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But writing personal marriage vows can be scary. They can be tough to write. And yes, you might feel nervous about sharing your most intimate feelings in public; but, personal wedding vows speak straight from the heart and that is exactly why they are so powerful!

There are many different ways you can approach writing your wedding vows and, in truth, you can do whatever you want! After all, they are your wedding vows and they should reflect who you are and who your partner is, and the relationship that you wish to share.

 I memorise every line.
And, I kiss the name that you sign.
And darling, then I read again right from the start.
Love letters straight from your heart.
Edward Heyman

As an experienced Marriage Celebrant I work with couples almost every day; taking care of their legal vows and guiding them in how to write their own personal wedding vows that express exactly what is in their hearts.

If, for whatever reason, writing a personal statement of your love and commitment is not something you would care to tackle, why not check out my very affordable Vow Writing Service.

What My Clients Have To Say

My promise to you is a magical, meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests, whatever the occasion. But don’t just take my word for it; please read what my past clients have to say about me and how I live up to my promise.


You Provided The Best Service And The Most Heartfelt Ceremony

I had attended previous weddings and the celebrants were either very young or a little detached I felt. I was looking for someone who had some life experience and wanted someone we felt comfortable with. You were the first celebrant I contacted and after speaking with you on the phone I didn’t bother speaking to anyone else.

From our first telephone conversation, I felt totally comfortable and when we met for the first time Tim actually said, “You have definitely chosen the right person” (and he doesn’t normally say much). We found you to be someone who is extremely professional and prompt in the business side of what needed to be done. In addition to this, which was very important to us, we found a very warm and caring person.

The service you provided was so special – not only professional but you cared about us personally, and our love story, how we got to the point of our decision to marry after 28 years. Loved how you also incorporated our lost loved-ones in our ceremony (I know there was a few - more than most young couples ha ha)

You made the legal process for us very smooth, explaining clearly what was needed. Sending us the ceremony was reassuring for what was going to happen on the day because it showed you had really listened to everything we had said about “our story” and our family story (have to tell you that we both were emotional reading the ceremony – a very good sign – and that’s how we chose our music).

We certainly are more than happy to recommend you. You provided “the best” service and the most heartfelt ceremony – so over and above anything we have ever seen at other weddings before. Your made the legal process easy for us, you actually listened and heard “our love story” and incorporated it all so perfectly in our ceremony.

There is nothing to add except another big “Thank you” for everything. Loved everything about our ceremony – and the “extra mile” you went for us - and such lovely things you said about the relationship we formed during the process. I know I’ve said it before but again “You’re Amazing”.

Chris Bali

A ceremony that suited us perfectly.

We were keen on making sure our ceremony was simple and not over the top.

Joyce was very professional and provided lots of suggestions that we hadn't thought of and the result was a ceremony that suited us perfectly.

Joyce is a pro. Definitely knows what she is doing, which is exactly what you need on a stressful day such as your wedding.

The online booking system was a great idea - very streamlined. Joyce provided her own sound equipment, including the option to play our music through aux cable - which made everything so easy.

Joyce is friendly, organised and professional. I would definitely recommend her!

Thank you so much.

Olivia Withers

Made our special day perfect!

We wanted someone we got along with well that was a lot of fun

Joyce was exactly what we were looking for!

We really liked her ability to tell our story whilst adding her own personal touch.

Also loved Joyce's efficiency with legalities, ideas on presenting the bridal party and rituals for our ceremony

Definitely happy to recommend Joyce because she brings professionalism and consistent improvement and friendliness into her work

She made our special day perfect!

Sheree Teagle

Would we recommend Joyce? Absolutely!

Prior to our first meeting with Joyce, we didn't really have any clue on what the process was for marriage within Australia. We had attended plenty of weddings and knew we wanted someone laid back, fun and bubbly, someone that 'gets' us and puts us at ease but were concerned about what we needed to have/ the process for marriage in Australia.

Attending Joyce's 'info night' was our first source of information on legalities and processes etc. and we were immediately put at ease. Everything was explained to us in the simplest of terms. Matt and I felt very relaxed in Joyce's company and able to ask questions and work with her freely to have our ceremony go the way we had imagined - sentimental & emotional but with plenty of humour.

The rehearsal really set us up for the day. Although we were both really nervous on the day, the rehearsal gave me a few days feeling relieved and just excited. Also, the suggestions Joyce made during the rehearsal for our mum's to walk down the aisle and for the bridesmaid's positions were perfect.

We loved the initial information session, the selection of verses, ceremony examples and traditions etc. It all helped us decide on the perfect layout for our ceremony.

Would we recommend Joyce? Absolutely -we'll get on to some of our friends yet to take the leap into marriage 🙂

A massive thank you, Joyce! We were thrilled to have such a lovely celebrant as part of our day. In fact, we would love to attend more weddings in the future with you as the celebrant.

Paula Peacock

Joyce You Are An Absolute Gem!

Joyce you are an absolute gem! You went above and beyond your duties as a marriage celebrant to make our special day perfect.

We will be recommending you to everyone!

Nadia Haynes

She made us feel at ease

I really had no idea what to expect from a celebrant or what we had to do, but Joyce explained the process very clearly to us and set out steps for us to think about.

As well as helping explain the steps we needed to do, Joyce submitted our forms for us which was great.

Her smile is the best and she made us feel at ease!

Thank you again for all your help leading up to the wedding, Joyce. It was such a special day and all our guests raved about how great our celebrant was 🙂

I will definitely be recommending you, Joyce... you are so great!

Edlyn Ng

Loved the personalised service!

Before choosing as our celebrant, our concerns were, I guess, whether the ceremony would go smoothly, be carried out the way we would like it (we wanted a simple but personal ceremony) and if our preferences would be understood.

But, we knew as soon as we met Joyce that we would be able to develop a good rapport, that she would listen to our needs and put a lot of effort into creating a really personal and enjoyable ceremony.

Working with Joyce was enjoyable throughout the whole process. I liked Joyce's warmth and friendliness and the fact she made a number of really good suggestions for our ceremony as we were a bit clueless!

I loved the personalised service, the pre-ceremony visit to our home and that we enjoyed a laid back, stress-free, event!

I would definitely recommend Joyce as a celebrant for a wedding. She was confident, commanding and funny; just what we wanted. She really made us feel as calm as possible about the ceremony.

It was a pleasure working with Joyce.

Jenny Kim

Joyce Exceeded All of Our Expectations as Our Marriage Celebrant.

Our main concern was that we wanted a friendly and personal experience for our intimate ceremony. We needn't have worried because you exceeded all of our expectations as our marriage celebrant.

What we specifically liked most was your personal and friendly nature, and your ongoing support throughout the process. We really appreciated the ease of the paperwork, and that you went over and above in sending in the name change forms etc for us.

We also liked how personalised your service was - you even allowed us into your home to meet your husband!

We think you are a beautiful lady and would feel honoured recommending your service to any of our friends and family in Perth in need of a civil celebrant.

Celia Nielsen

Joyce Made Our Day So Special!

Joyce made our day so special.

Our ceremony was beautiful, romantic and personal - everything we wanted!

It was a pleasure meeting you Joyce. Thank you for everything, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Geraldine Potts

You Provided Us With 6-Star Service!

Thank you Joyce for making our day extra special.

Your ceremony on the day was outstanding and everyone commented afterwards and said how good it was!

Thanks for all the ideas and steering Paula and myself in the right direction. You provided us with 6-star service!

Would I recommend Joyce as a marriage celebrant? Most definitely!

Roger Vermoter

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