June 15, 2016

wedding traditions | Joyce Mathers Celebrant
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

It is one of the most well know and most popular of wedding traditions for any bride to include in her day. It is a phrase that seems top just roll off the tongue at the mere thought of  a wedding. And, interestingly, it is reputed to have its origins in a  nursery rhyme from the 1800’s!

wedding Day | Joyce Mathers Celebrant

My Wedding Day in 1982

Why follow a wedding tradition?

I guess it is easy to include this ritual because it can be done with little fuss and all the items you choose to use are very personal so it can be just your own little personal secret as to how you comply!

Why would you follow with this particular wedding tradition? Just because you can! Just because it makes you feel good to be part of a tradition. These reasons are as good as any.

Which brings me to the question...

“What is tradition”?

My understanding of tradition is that it is something you take part in because it is part of your community. It doesn't matter how you define our community; it may be your world, your country, your state, your town or simply your family,  everyone, no matter who they are, loves to be part of a community.  It is a small way of saying “hey I am doing this because it's a part of who I am. Its a part of how I define myself. I belong. 

What I wore for my Wedding Tradition

34 years ago when I married my husband I participated in this tradition by wearing the following:

wedding tradition items | Joyce Mathers Celebrant

My Precious Traditional Wedding Items

  • Something old: wore a necklace that my husband-to-be (now husband) bought me – it was my first piece of jewellery that he gave me and it was very special. It was gold with four small pearls and it was my pride and joy.
  • Something new: that was easy – that was my wedding dress. A beautiful white lace dress which was simple and classic. I could just about wear it now... with a little adjustment or two of course!
  • Something borrowed: I borrowed a handkerchief from my mum – a beautiful lace hanky that was placed under the next item.
  • Something blue: a beautiful little lace garter with blue ribbon – worn on my left thigh which made me feel very naughty indeed (remember this was in the 1980’s)!

The traditional rhyme concludes with, “a sixpence in your shoe” and some people add to this wedding tradition by putting a sixpence in their shoe a symbol of prosperity. It sounds uncomfortable to me! So I may have been fortunate not to know about this when I was married.

Sadly, I have misplaced the hanky; but I have managed to keep everything else safe and they remain my treasured possessions to this day!

What will you choose for your wedding tradition items?

Be creative when it comes to choosing your own special items for your wedding day tradition. Ask your mum, grandmother, aunt, or someone close to you to suggest something special; that may be a family heirloom e.g. a vintage dress, veil or even a tiara or piece of jewellery.

Family members have a sense of pride when something of theirs have been chosen to be part of the bride’s attire – it is really quite an honour. Remember, the items you choose don't have to be expensive but they do have to be of sentimental value to both you and to the people providing them.

Do you intend following this popular wedding tradition? Or, do you have another one in mind for your special day? Perhaps you intend starting a new tradition for your family. Leave a comment below and let me know what you are planning on doing for your wedding  - I'd love to know! 

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